Perimeter Fencing

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Heavy Duty Anti-Climb Fencing Panel

These anti-climb fencing panels are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel and are ideal to use as a temporary fencing solution.

Hoarding Panels

Hoarding panels provide a secure fencing solution where a discrete environment is required.

Pedestrian Gate

A pedestrian gate is used as an access point when temporary fencing is being used.

Slot Block Barriers

The slot block barriers feature a water filled barrier which holds a galvanised steel fencing panel.

Vehicle Gate

A double leaf Vehicle Gate provides an entranceway for vehicles to access an area restricted by temporary fencing.

Our perimeter fencing solutions provide extra security and long-wearing use. We offer temporary solutions for those with assets which require protection.

Welded security mesh panels are constructed from steel and welded for strength.

One of the most popular uses of perimeter fencing is for sports events, around schools and for professional sporting facilities to ensure the safety of the participants.

Playground fencing offers safety and security in schools so that children can play happily.

These fences are specially designed to ensure there are no sharp edges so that little fingers cannot be caught. On special order, we are also able to offer electronic intruder perimeter fencing.

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