Remote Management Feature

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Remote Fleet Management

We provide a remote management feature so you can monitor fuel levels.

Remote management allows for site equipment to be monitored through a central station. Remote management is not only about keeping lone workers secure or CCTV cameras. Remote management has the potential to save money as well as reduce the daily costs at a site.

With our features in place, your site/facility would be in action 24/7, 365 days a year, hail, rain or shine! As soon as a problem is detected, for example a flooding in the basement to a fire starting, cameras, environmental control settings, alarms which have been set up previously will go off.

As per procedures, the next step of actions will take place like emergency crews arriving at the site to key personnel being notified to arrive at the premises.

Talk to PAL Hire today on how we can assess your site requirements to come up with a suitable site monitoring arrangement for your build.