Sanitisation and Protection

Exclusive Products, Equipment and services to assist in the protection and resilience against viruses. Any visitor to your place of work will need to feel comfortable. As you may have experienced in retail environments during the lockdown.

People are going to want to feel safe visiting your place of work. This means providing safe, clear entrance and exit to your premises. Where possible this should be contactless and help the visitor navigate to their objective in the safest way possible.

Get the Back to Work Package (PDF detailing the full range of Anti Viral & Social Distancing Products and Services available from PAL Hire.

9 Items

Free Standing Hand & Trolley Handle Sanitising Station

Perfect for retail environments, or where there is hands on operation of equipment – say for example in a warehouse, yard or when a vehicle gets handed over before or

Free Standing Single Dispenser Hand Sanitising Unit

Having flexibility where you site your hand sanitiser is ideal if space is a premium and you do not have the ability to wall mount a hand sanitising unit. This

Non-Contact Hand Sanitiser Station (Foot Pump Operated)

With a massive 5 litre payload of hand sanitising gel. Our non contact hand sanitiser stations are ideal and cost effective for any educational, office or commercial based environment. That

Portable Free Standing Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Dispensing Unit

This portable free standing Hand Sanitising Unit can have up to 4 dispensers (2 on each side). The unit is designed to be deployed in any area in your work

Portable, Free Standing Hand Sanitising Unit up to 10

With up to 10 hand sanitiser dispensers (5 on each side) this portable, free standing hand sanitiser unit is perfect for areas with high footfall. Deployable individually or in a

Sanitiser Podium

Sanitiser Podiums can be located anywhere you need to provide hand cleansing for staff or customers. An alternative solution for deploying hand sanitiser with a small footprint. Adjustable Height Post

Anti-Viral, Decontamination, Protective Products, Equipment and Services. You will need to provide adequate hand sanitisation for your workplace visitors. If you have been to hospital in the past decade you will have already seen the hand sanitiser units strategically placed at the entrances to wards and to general hospital premises. Wherever you have footfall of people you are going to need to provide a safe environment and adequate hand sanitisers. It is not a case of if you will need our hand sanitiser products but more a case of what hand sanitiser products you require. Get the Protect Your Business PDF (The Hand Sanitiser Range)