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Drinking Water For Events

We can arrange for any amount of drinking water to be delivered to your site or event. Bottled water is popular with organisers of events.

Effluent Tank Empty

Effluent Tank emptying is advisable at regular intervals for hygiene, health and safety. Above all regular tank emptying ensures your site or event runs as smoothly as possible. We have

Free Standing Single Dispenser Hand Sanitising Unit

Having flexibility where you site your hand sanitiser is ideal if space is a premium and you do not have the ability to wall mount a hand sanitising unit. This

Portable, Free Standing Hand Sanitising Unit up to 10

With up to 10 hand sanitiser dispensers (5 on each side) this portable, free standing hand sanitiser unit is perfect for areas with high footfall. Deployable individually or in a

Solo Hand Gel Range

Solo Hand Gel is an alcohol-based product developed for hand disinfection Solo products are very powerful disinfectants and are highly effective against transient skin micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses

Water Fill

We can arrange for water bowsers and containers to be delivered to sites or locations where there are no water mains available.