Task Lighting

Task Lighting hire for next day delivery throughout the UK. Suitable to get those jobs completed where light is paramount.

Plasterers, electricians, plumbers and all trades need task lighting. Check out our range of task lights or get in touch with our team for more information.

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Globelight Task and Area Light

The Globelight provides a glare free light source suitable for a variety of applications such as whole room illumination, walk ways or confined space as it gives off hardly any

K9 LED Portable Worklight

A Torch, Worklight and Floodlight in one! The K9 30 LED is a versatile and portable LED torch / worklight system designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations. This

LED Festoon Lights for Hire

For general access or low level lighting to ensure alleyways or hallways are sufficiently lit to enable workers access to get the job done in the dark. LED means low

LED Single Head Floodlight

Emitting 6500k these lights are suitable for larger working environments. Reducing the appearance of shadows and making it easier to get tasks completed.

Light Balloon

The light balloon features a compact and flexible design that quickly provides light where you need it. Thanks to its simple construction, set up is quick and easy. The elliptical

Mini Silenced Tower Light 5.5m

A compact and easy to move around site mini silenced Tower Light. 5.5m tall mast and enough light to enable you to keep working long after the sun goes down.

Task Lighting hire. All year round task lighting is needed to enable you to see what you are doing on the job. Plastering, first fix, renovation, demotion, installations and other services all require effective and efficient task lights. We have a full range of task lights that are available for hire - simply call our team and discuss your lighting requirements.