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3.3KVA Transformer

Intermittent Rated Transformer for hire. Used with electric powered items, such as mixers, wackerplates etc.


We can provide any type of transformers to suit your needs.

PAL Hire provides a range of transformers to give a constant power supply to complete your project.

Our equipment rates from 4kVA to 30kVA and are fitted with sockets ranging from 16A to 32A.

Our transformers have an RLV output of 110V for plug-in site equipment and output to supply power tools. Wall mounted transformers provide isolation from mains and come with thermal overload protection and are mainly used alongside construction power tools.

Our transformers are preloaded with overload rest circuit trips and are manufactured in accordance with UK BS specifications for safety isolating transformers for industrial and domestic use.

Get in touch with us today so that our friendly team can go through your requirements and give you the best equipment to meet your hire needs. We supply UK wide and offer short turnaround time.