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Additional Ducting

Additional ducting increases the length of the extractor and comes in 6m lengths.

Fume and Dust Extractor

Provides local ventilation into confined areas. The Fume Extractor is lightweight and portable, with 6 metres of ducting. Available for next day Nationwide Hire. Talking the wider environment into account.

Fume Extractor & Ducting

Increases air circulation and removes dust and fumes caused by welding, woodworking, construction and other work-related activities

Ventilation is a highly important safety concern in this industry. On site it is common for some tasks to involve nasty vapours, odours and even hazardous gases which are released into the air.

Fume extractors are hired to improve the air quality of the work area and help to ensure the safety of the workers. Dust and fumes are often produced by woodwork, fabrication, grinding and welding activity.

At PAL Hire, we have a range of ventilation equipment as well as varying lengths of ducting depending on the type of worksite it is required for.

Our ventilation fume extractors are routinely inspected to ensure they are totally cleaned out and ready for the next hire. We deliver anywhere in the UK and look forward to answering any questions you may have about our range of products.