Warehouse and Industrial Heaters

Heating solutions for hire for industrial and commercial situations. Heater Hire for Warehouse and Workshop.

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3-Phase Industrial Heater

The 3-phase industrial heater is ideal for heating factories, warehouses and large sites. Hire this heater for wide area heating.

3-Phase Industrial Heater-18kVA

This is a commercial/industrial wide area blower heater for hire. For heating factories, warehouses and sites with three-phase supply, these portable industrial fans produce 9kW, 13kW or 18kW of heat.

85kw Dual Voltage LPG heater

85kw direct fired dual voltage LPG space heater can heat up to 3500 cubic meters of space. This large capacity direct fired LPG heater is ideal for a diverse range

Indirect Oil Fired Heater

The LPG Radiant Heater is perfect for large open spaces such as marquees and areas where a large amount of people are going to be present. The indirect oil fired heater

Industrial Infra-Red Heater

This infra-red heater has been designed specifically to heat specific areas in garages, spray shops and warehouses

LPG Radiant Heater

The LPG Radiant Heater is perfect for heating large open spaces, such as warehouses and factories.