Water Filled Barriers

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2000 Barrier

The 2000 barrier is a low containment water filled barrier system designed specifically for directional purposes. Designed with a patented 5 position interlocking system, the 2000 barrier can be positioned

Bison Barrier

New product from PAL Hire is the Bison Barrier. The Bison Barrier is a 1m x 2m water filled unit for delineation of traffic around sites. Weighing 400kg when full,

Buddha Barrier

The Buddha Barrier is a uniquely designed, completely anti-trip Water Filled Separator. At 800 mm in height, it creates a safer environment for pedestrians over traditional Water Filled Separators, as

Euro Barriers

Our durable water filled euro barriers are a simple to deploy solution for rerouting traffic flow on roads and at a variety of sites. Our euro barriers feature purpose-designed top

Evo 55 Road Barrier

The lightest of our water filled barriers, each section of the Evo 55 Road Barrier system weighs only 8 kg making it the easiest water filled barrier to move and

Evo 80 Road Barriers

Our EVO 80 road barriers are a cost-effective, easy to transport and quick to deploy solution for delineation, and rerouting pedestrian and vehicular traffic, at a wide variety of sites

Water-filled crash barriers are designed to withstand impacts from vehicles travelling up to 50 miles per hour, making them ideal for bordering off temporary roadworks and areas where highway maintenance is being completed.

Developed to protect pedestrians and drivers alike, these half ton-exceeding (when filled) barriers absorb much speed when hit by wayward vehicles, deflecting them away.

Constructed from prime UV stabilised polyethylene, water filled barriers interlock with reinforced steel pins, however pivoting walls you create around curves or turns is no problem thanks to their simple yet intuitive design.

These barriers can be deployed without a forklift when empty, and they are fully compatible with our mesh and hoarding fencing systems also.

Our safety tested crash barriers are available for purchase or hire and we deliver nationwide.