Essential Lighting

When it is dark you need a little light…or something bigger. We have lighting solutions for hire that will keep you on task when the light begins to fade.

Winter months are when we need to work smarter with the light we have or create more. From solar solutions, rechargeable and link lights – we have the light hire solution for you.

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9 Metre Tower Light

An award winning innovation in environmental lighting, the VB9 provides full power metal halide light coverage whilst delivering real environmental benefits. Due to its reduced fuel consumption the VB9 provides

ATEX LED Link Light 110v

ATEX LED link light 110v are specialist lights for hazardous areas


ATEX LED TASK Lights are specialist lights for hazardous areas

ATEX Vessel Entry Emergency Light

ATEX vessel entry emergency lights are specialist lights for hazardous areas ATEX is the common name given for the ‘European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres’ (HSE)

Eco Tower Light

The Eco tower light hire is built to be environmentally friendly. Studies have proven it can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5 times in comparison to conventional lighting towers.

Globelight Task and Area Light

The Globelight provides a glare free light source suitable for a variety of applications such as whole room illumination, walk ways or confined space as it gives off hardly any

We have a collection of lighting solutions that are available to hire. They are perfect for supporting winter operations. Whether that is lights for wide area outdoors, or indoors task task lighting. Tower Lights Task Lights Eco Lights Solar Lights Festoon Lights Plasters Lights Lights for use in Hazardous Environments