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Planning an event is an exciting time for event organisers. They’re on a road that could last between 6 and 18 months, culminating with their event playing out in front of an audience of excited event-goers.

On this road, organisers will come across several turns ranging from finding the ideal location for an event and hiring event equipment, to understanding the objectives and event marketing.

PAL Hire’s Event Hire Guide will assist you in the journey of planning your event, as well as providing you with information on all the different event hire products we have available.

We supply equipment, products and services for UK events, such as welfare units, fences and barriers, and waste management services across the UK. Event planners from across the UK regularly use PAL Hire to provide all their event hire requirements – this includes:

  1. Staging
  2. Track Pads
  3. Fencing and Crowd Control
  4. Toilets and Welfare
  5. Security
  6. Lighting
  7. Generators and Power
  8. Waste Clearance
  9. Water Supplies
  10. Event Services

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A Master plan to Organising an Event

Large events need planning to commence several months before the event takes place to ensure all the details have been covered.

The key to your event is in the planning. Once you’ve settled on the notion of having an event, you should choose three particular dates when the event could be held. Three dates are crucial in case the location you choose is unavailable on your first choice.

With the three dates in mind, you should decide on your objectives. What are you trying to achieve when hosting an event? The majority would answer “make money.” Every event host looks to make a profit after they’ve covered the cost of their outlay and VIPs.

Utilising PAL Hire for your event equipment hire ensures you are receiving the best prices, along with the best quality, for your fences, barriers, and welfare units.
Your master plan is your event bible. It will include everything needed for your event, including PAL Hire’s Event Hire Guide.

Location of an Event

The location of your event is paramount to its success. Pick a bad location and you’ll struggle to entice event goers to travel. A good location and you’ll have queues and queues of visitors as far as the eye can see.

Only you can decide if a location is fit for purpose. To do this, you should visit the site, understand the surrounding area, transportation links, and nearby accommodation, if your event is over a few days or starting early in the morning.

If you choose an outdoor location, be mindful of the weather. The last thing you want for your event is for it to be called off due to bad weather at the very last minute. Plan ahead, understand the weather, and understand the equipment you need if the weather isn’t sunny and cloudless.

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  1. Introduction to PAL Hire’s Event Hire Guide
  2. Location
  3. Revenue Streams
  4. Cater For Humans
  5. Insurance
  6. Planning and Permissions
  7. Hiring Event Equipment
  8. Logistics
  9. Marketing Your Event
  10. Selling Tickets to Your Event
  11. Weather
  12. Contingency
  13. The Event Plan

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