Fire-Resistant Cabins: Leading the Way in Safety and Resilience

22 May 2024

In the heart of the UK’s City Project Scene, where the city skyline evolves with each passing day, a silent revolution is reshaping the construction landscape. As the demand for space in city centres continues to surge, the construction industry faces unique challenges, with protection against fire coming to the forefront of worker safety. In response, a new champion emerges — the Fire-Resistant Cabin, a symbol of enhanced safety and innovation.

Understanding Fire-Resistant Cabins:

Fire-Resistant Cabins AKA Fire-Rated Cabins, are specially designed units that prioritise advanced fire protection. These cabins utilise materials and construction techniques to meet strict fire safety standards, creating a safe environment in the face of potential fire hazards. The primary goal is not just to withstand fire outbreaks but also contain flames and provide valuable time for emergency response or evacuation.

Features of Fire-Rated Units:

Designed to contain fires within the building, fire-rated units undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards. These units incorporate features such as external fire-resisting doors, wall panels, shutters, fire stops to pipes, and ventilation. Additional options include fire-resisting internal doors, wall panels, fire alarms, and sprinklers, providing a comprehensive solution for fire safety.

As construction sites adapt to evolving safety norms, larger modular solutions provide a fire-rated modular system designed for efficiency and compliance. Achieving a 30-minute fire rating, standing as a testament to the dedication to progress, safety, and flexibility in construction.

Why Choose Fire-Resistant Cabins?

Enhanced Fire Safety: Engineered specifically to resist fires, these cabins provide extended periods of fire resistance, minimising the risk of injury or loss of life.

Compliance with Regulations: Fire-resistant cabins comply with stringent fire safety regulations and standards, ensuring alignment with necessary legal requirements for fire protection on construction premises.

Protection of Assets: In the event of a fire outbreak, significant damage to property, equipment, and crucial documents is a real risk. Fire-rated cabins offer an added layer of protection, reducing the potential for loss or damage during emergencies.

Less Compromise of Space: The ability to close gaps between buildings and welfare units less than 6 meters, in line with the HSE publication HSG168. Allowing for greater storage, layout and working capacity for projects whilst mitigating fire risk.

Versatility and Customisation: Available in various sizes and configurations, these cabins provide flexibility to meet specific requirements. Whether for office spaces, control rooms, storage facilities, or accommodation units, fire-resistant cabins can be customised to suit diverse needs while ensuring the necessary fire resistance.

Navigating Fire Safety Legislation:

Construction sites, especially in city centres, are subject to stringent fire safety legislation. The Regulatory Reform Act (A Government Fire Safety Order of 2005) outlines obligations, including risk assessments and the implementation of measures to minimise fire-related risks. Temporary site accommodation units, including fire-resistant cabins, play a crucial role in adhering to these regulations.

The HSE publication HSG168, ‘Fire Safety in Construction,’ provides invaluable guidance for managing significant fire risks.

Mitigating Limited Space Challenges:

In the bustling city centres, where the demand for space is at a premium, the significance of fire-resistant cabins is further emphasised by legal considerations. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publication HSG168, particularly in urban landscapes, any welfare unit positioned within 6 meters or less of another building must adhere to fire-resistant standards. This stipulation is in line with the HSE guidelines, ensuring that construction sites can effectively utilise limited space without compromising on safety.

Exceeding Standards for Optimal Safety:

PAL Hire can provide any standard of welfare or cabin. However, since identifying a trend for increased worker safety and Fire-Resistant Cabins, we regularly work with equipment that now exceeds the established standards, such as those set by BSI (British Standards Institution). This aligns with the recommendations in the Joint Code of Practice by CHSG (Construction Health & Safety Group) on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation.


In the heart of the UK’s construction boom, the popularity of Fire-Resistant Cabins surges, with structures transforming from simple break rooms to indispensable guardians of safety. PAL Hire is pioneering this safety movement, symbolising a commitment to safety that extends beyond compliance, creating a safer future for construction sites in city centres.

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