Five Tips for a Smooth Equipment Hire 

13 October 2022

Smooth Equipment Hire your business or construction company is harder than any of us had necessarily envisaged. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw in a difficult hire experience as a cherry on top. 

From late plant equipment that’s got your site at a standstill to lost paperwork, we all know how frustrating a bad hire experience can be – and how much it can cost your business!  

That’s why here at PAL Hire we handle every aspect of your hire. From booking all the way to collection, giving you a hassle-free experience.  

At PAL Hire, we believe every customer deserves a breezy hire that doesn’t do their head in first thing Monday morning. We’ve compiled a small list of tips to guarantee your equipment hire goes as smoothly as can be. 

The Route Smooth Equipment Hire

1. Complete any paperwork required ASAP. This one is mostly for new customers, but even if this isn’t your first PAL Hire rodeo, you need to make sure you sign your booking document. Only an electronic signature is required, however, making this a very quick and easy process.  
2. When possible, provide more than one contact number. This way we have alternative ways of contacting you if we have any queries or something comes up and you won’t be left uninformed. 
3. Ensure you read your order confirmations to rectify any errors before delivery. 
4. Use What3words to really finetune your delivery. What3words is a free service that simplifies addresses by dividing the world into 3m squares. Assigning three distinct words to each square. Having precise locations communicated in a simple way means you can tell us exactly where you would like your hired equipment delivered (i.e. which entrance, by which gate, etc.). This is especially useful for delivering static hired items such as storage, welfare units and cabins, not to mention utilities like generators and water supplies. 
5. Consider the delivery environment. What is access like? Are there any issues we should be aware of, such as locked gates, low telecoms or electric wires? What about access for articulated lorries? If we know exactly what the issue is, we can help figure out alternative ways of getting your equipment right to you. 


Bonus tip: If you encounter any challenge with your hired equipment from PAL Hire, make a quick call to our support team on 0161 482 6200 – we will jump right on it. 

One call to us unlocks your ability to focus on a project, as PAL Hire enables you to access the UK’s largest network of equipment hire depots. Meaning that every item of hired-in equipment your company needs to operate can be managed for you.  

No more late cancellations, breakdown of equipment or supplier issues. Call our head office for a quote on 0161 482 6255. 

PAL Hire – Equipment Hire Done Differently.