Flood Management

Flood Management

15 August 2018

Summer doesn’t last forever. We’re coming into months of cold weather, comfy sweaters, and torrential rain. As is the norm within the UK for the last few years, flooding is expected. Flood management will become a major talking point by the end of the year when parts of the UK will be underwater, and homes and businesses have been destroyed. PAL Hire will protect you. We will protect your business, your home, your valuables, you.

There are a few things you can do before you contact PAL Hire to cement your flooding plans:

  • Train every member of staff in flood safety procedures.
  • Obtain insurance. Buildings and contents insurance covers your office premises against damage caused by floods. Business interruption insurance covers any loss of income if you are unable to work from your usual business premises.
  • Ensure you know PAL Hire’s number in case flooding is imminent and you need provisions in place as soon as possible – 0844 288 7265.

Protecting Your Business

Our most popular barriers will protect your business from heavy flooding. It can be placed around your property to provide complete protection and give you the ease of mind your property will not be flooded. They are robust, effective flood defence systems, which can be deployed by a two man team.

The barriers which PAL Hire provides are unique as they do not need to be bolted to the ground. When the waters recede, the pods empty themselves, ensuring they are light enough to be carried away. Flood barriers are a more cost-effective and reliable alternative to sandbags.

At PAL Hire, we understand the ins and outs of the hire industries, and when it comes to flooding and protecting your business, you should only be using the best. PAL Hire.

We cover you in every scenario, and if water has already entered your property, we provide a Puddle Pump and Carpet Dryer facility. Our Puddle Pump can clear 11 litres of water every 60 seconds. The Carpet Dryer is ideal for carpets and hard floors. We endeavour to deliver equipment within 24 hours.

Protecting Your Equipment

Flooding takes no prisoners. If you’re a construction company with a project in an area at risk of flooding, you need to consider the aforementioned flood barriers, as well as our site storage facilities.

All our containers, which range from 10ft-40ft, are fully weatherproof, watertight and wind-tight, and include ventilation to reduce condensation.

The added benefit of heavy duty flooring allows you to store plant inside the container to protect it from adverse weather conditions. The plant used on-site can also be hired from PAL Hire. Our excellent supplier relationships throughout the UK ensure we can provide everything you need, anywhere you need it, and any time you need it.

To check if your property as it as risk of flooding, use the link below:


We sincerely hope your premises is not affected by the adverse weather. Call the team now on 0844 288 7265 to protect your premises.