Better Security with Barriers and Fencing

4 February 2021

Better Security with Barriers, barrier hire and crowd control. During the first lockdown of 2020, the major supermarkets scrabbled to find the easiest way to ensure that their customers could queue safely whilst waiting to enter their store.

Up and down the country we were called to provide metal barriers to fulfil that remit and keep people safe and maintain social distancing. One well known supermarket chain also called on us to provide crowd control barriers to their 900 or so UK wide retail sites.

Read the retail case study here (Opens link to page on this site in new tab / window)

Numbers of crowd control barriers needed for a retail environment vary – depending on the location of the retail store, the size of premises entrance and exit. Crowd control barriers are on average 1.1 metre high and 2.3 metres wide. To give you an idea of how much queue they will generate. Weight is between 14kg and 16kg each. There are also different standards of feet on crowd safety barrier, with the option for loose leg or fixed leg options. Generally, the type of crowd control barrier hired by our customers are the fixed leg variant. There are also chapter 8 plastic variants for hire.

Fast forward to 2021 and the requirement to manage crowds of humans, for their own safety and security has not gone away. In fact as many pharmacies throughout the country gear up to meet the need for COVID-19 vaccination centres, the need to keep people safe and secure is ever present.

Chapter 8 Plastic Barrier for HireStorage and Security

If deployed in a retail environment (say for example in a high street retail setting) then it would be useful to consider the storage of the barriers and how you can keep them secure when not used. As with everything, barriers have a value and if left unattended in some areas can be open to theft. If the barriers can not be stored or secured inside the premises, then perhaps you could consider the creation of a temporary compound by surrounding unused stacked barriers with our steel fences which and using a suitable lock and chain.

High Street Delivery and Collection

Steel crowd control barriers can be delivered directly to the door of the retail premises (pharmacy or similar) making it easy to erect the queuing system that you have planned.

Quarantine Hotel Security Fencing 

With the arrival of mandatory hotel quarantine due to start on February the 15th. There are some speculation as to the level of preparedness hotels will have to go through to become a suitable receptor for quarantined travellers. At the time of writing there are 33 “Red List” Covid-19 hotspot countries or destinations that if travelled from, arrivals in the UK (even if they are British Residents) will have to go straight into Mandatory Covid Secure Hotel Quarantine for 10 nights. Travellers will be confined to their rooms and they will be accompanied by security guards if they go outside.

Security of Hotels in this instance is paramount to ensure that Hotel Residents under enforced quarantine conditions, testing teams and hotel staff are kept safe. In this case a parameter of  steel fencing or anti climb fencing will be required to provide an additional barrier. This will provide added layers of quarantine to hotels that are generally located in relatively open access environments.

Queue Management

Use of external queues to retail premises, pharmacies and medical centres are useful if you have a requirement to separate the types of visitor you have to the premises. Your structured queue can be used to enable control of flow into your premises to meet appointments or to separate other retail customers from those that may have appointments. Other aspects of a well thought out queuing schema is to consider the exit from your premises. Where possible provide adequate amounts of barriers to provide safe exit from your premises.

A full range of crowd control, barrier hire in general, safety barriers, steel security fencing and red and white barriers (and more vehicle barriers) are available from PAL Hire and are ready to be deployed where they are needed all over the UK. Speak to our team for details. Speak to our team about how we can help you. Better Security with Barriers is achievable just speak to our team,