Sustained Power - Fuel, Performance, and Telematics

Sustained Power – Fuel, Performance, and Telematics

10 April 2018

Having a site which operates around the clock is often needed to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. Be it power and lighting for the site to operate through the night or to ensure that welfare is maintained for security teams. Having sustained power is often critical for objective success and is key to the performance of your project.

Objective Success

Security, materials management and welfare are key objectives which are paramount to have a powered solution to ensure that you can get the job done.

Security can be the power of lighting to light compounds or fenced off sites. This makes it difficult for potential theft of materials and or damage to plant or equipment.

Materials Management – It is all very well putting two layers of fencing or barriers in place to secure onsite materials. What if you need to mortar silos to ensure that the medium is maintained ready to use? A typical silo will need a 3-phase electrical power supply (Mains or Generator) at 415 volt or single phase 240 volt – if there is no mains power to the site then generator will need a minimum of 12 kva per silo.

Welfare – good welfare of contractors and workers on site 24 hours a day is key to better health and safety and meeting stricter legal requirements. A well-placed welfare cabin with drying room incorporating rest facilities, complements excellent portable toilets and makes it easier for the workforce to continue working in between spells of inclement weather. It pays to invest in great welfare facilities and service them to ensure your workforce can carry out the task in hand.

Generators and Fuel Services

As with most of modern plant, we can monitor the load and capacity of generators we site and hire out. This enables us to provide a managed solution which enable you to focus on hitting milestones and construction objectives as efficiently as possible. Having a generator equipped with fuel management, enables you to have complete peace of mind in the fact that your services will and can run as uninterrupted as you need.

How fuel services work

Fuel management is not just a case of guessing the load of a generator or an appliance and dividing it by work hours to estimate the amount of fuel and frequency of servicing. Bulk tanks when connected to generators or appliances have telematics added which enable remote monitoring of fuel levels, burn rate and capacity use based on the deployed environment.

The use of telemetry in plant and on hire products is not a new thing. Companies have been monitoring equipment for sometime. Having the ability to identify location, speed, height, working hours, fuel consumption are the basic metrics which can be sent from a remote bit of kit to a central location for management. This is beyond having the ability to monitor assets for security – but also provides capability for the remote monitoring of fuel levels or when an asset has had an accident. Understanding when this happens and what the asset was doing at the time of the collision helps with investigations and ensuring that operating practices are within acceptable parameters. But in our case telematics are able to provide real time fuel management and forecasting to ensure that your operations  run as smooth as possible.

Buying fuel in bulk

Understanding your fuel requirements also gives us opportunity to supply you with bulk levels of fuel. The benefits of bulk buying fuel is simple as you get to save money on bulk fuel purchases and combined with our single point of billing you will find everything is easy moving forwards. Speak to our team on 0844 288 7265 and they’ll help you with your power needs.