Full-Site Set Up

Full-Site Set Up

24 July 2022

Imagine for a second you’re in the planning stages of starting a construction site and have decided to hire equipment. To save yourself time, money, and hassle, you’ll want to use a company capable of providing a full-site set up.

We hire everything that you need to set up site or start a new project and full-sites. This includes Portable toilets, waste management, water fills, fencing and barriers to protect the public, or keep them out, and power and lighting options.

Products and services provided to construction and event sites include:

Plant – every construction site will require plant, whether it be diggers, excavators, telehandlers, rollers, or dumpers, plant is required to construct or de-construct a project site. Fuel is available to power all plant.

Labourers – not every construction company will have personnel or may need additional freelance subcontractors. PAL Hire can provide these at market prices.

Site Equipment – as every job cannot be completed using plant equipment, we also provide site tools, such as saws, electric breakers, and concrete mixers.

Toilets and Showers – typically, construction sites are not the cleanest places in which to operate and, sometimes, human nature means we must take unexpected breaks. If you’ve got personnel on-site throughout the day, toilets are a must. At events, festival goers will require toilets and shower units for similar reasons. These facilities will also keep you in good stead with workers and attendees alike.

Site Accommodation – offices, canteens, dry rooms, sleeper units, everything required to turn a construction site into a mini office for the duration of a project, especially if it’s inconvenient for the workforce to travel back and forth every day. These would be ideal if your project site operated through the night.

Lighting – most events run through the night, which makes lighting towers an ideal feature to ensure the party lasts forever. Some construction sites also operate through the night as this is when most of the work can be completed without disturbing the public. Lighting towers can turn night into day and ensure work is completed as smoothly as possible.

Generators we all need power! Generators ranging up to 1,250 kVA are available from PAL Hire. We can power a construction site for several weeks. All points can be powered using our generators.

Barriers – crowd control at events, public control on construction sites, pedestrian barriers to keep people out of private events and construction sites, every type of barrier that can be thought of is provided by PAL Hire. If you’re working in a flooded area, we can also provide water protection barriers. If you need vehicle gates, that can also be provided.

Waste Services and Skips – construction sites are messy; events are messy. PAL Hire can provide a myriad of skips and ROROs, as well as hazardous waste collection services, to service both construction and event sites. If you are dealing with hazardous materials, speak to our team on 0844 288 7265 and the team will advise you on best course of practice.

Delivery and Collection – what makes PAL Hire stand out from other companies is our ability to not only provide you the equipment you need, but to also schedule delivery and collection services. If you need multiple pieces of kit on one site, we can schedule delivery to the extend everything is delivered one by one in order of use. If you need a generator to power a lighting tower, it would be futile to deliver the lighting tower first and be waiting for the generator to arrive. PAL Hire makes everything easy. We take the hassle out of hire.

A common complaint we receive from prospective clients is they are tired of using several suppliers for different pieces of equipment. They’ve struggled to find one company with the ability to provide a full-site service.

When we speak to these clients, there is high chance they’ll begin using our services because we are one of the few companies that can provide everything, and anything required on-site, anywhere in the UK, and at any time. We are the definition of a one-stop-shop.