Getting a Project Back on Track

Getting a Project Back on Track

27 November 2018

Some of us have the habit of getting to work late. Our excuses range from the traffic, the dog didn’t let us leave, and my personal favourite, the car didn’t start when in fact we were waiting for the song on the radio to finish. When we’re late one day, we’ll take a shorter lunch to make up the time, but on a project site this is almost impossible.

When you’re late with a project it is an almost impossible task to try and get it back on track. With PAL Hire’s help, if you’re in danger of delivering your project outside schedule, we can give you the additional manpower to give you with one big push.

There are several reasons a project can be outside schedule:

  • Bad weather.
  • Unreliable suppliers.
  • Labourers being poached.
  • Subcontractors completing minimal work.
  • Tasks that can only be completed in a sequential order.

Bad weather is almost impossible to combat. When the forces of nature are against you, you’re going to need multiple items. We’ve spoken at length about countering bad weather. You can read these articles below:

PAL Hire provides a myriad of products from one corner of the UK to the other.

We can provide storage containers to protect your plant and machinery from unsuitable weather conditions, maintaining their performance. We’ll provide PPE and site facilities to your labourers and owner operators. All the rubble and dirt on-site can be placed in our skips and taken to environmentally friendly waste dumps. A full-site set up.

A perfect project requires collaboration between all parties, including suppliers. Unreliable suppliers do exist. Equipment arrives at the wrong time; doesn’t arrive at all; the wrong equipment arrives. It happens, but it shouldn’t.

PAL Hire has whittled down its supplier base to have key, reliable suppliers spread across the country, ensuring we have direct links with all major cities. Constantly reviewing our supplier base, adding new suppliers, and refining best practice internally, ensures PAL Hire has control over the suppliers with which we work to provide our clients with the best service.

A good range of national, regional, and local suppliers for every product allows us to get the best price for our clients, as well as provide multiple items to multiple construction sites across the country.

If you’ve been let down by a supplier, contact our consultants and we will get your project back on track.

With work commencing on HS2, there could be a struggle to find plant in areas outside of Birmingham and the Midlands. If you think you might need a safeguard in place, contact our team and we’ll set you up as a PAL Hire Account Holder, granting you access to competitive rates.

We have multiple plant and machinery equipment available at short notice.

I’ve witnessed it personally where labourers do not show on-site. The effect this had upon a day’s work was gigantic. Other labourers were drafted to cover work that was deemed as a priority, pushing back other jobs and increasing the length of the project.

Your costs would also increase as you’d have to bring in subcontractors, but wouldn’t it be easier to use owner operators in the first instance? They have their own plant and equipment. PAL Hire offers you this option.

Bringing in owner operators, part of PAL Hire’s preferred subcontractor list, helps you save costs in other areas, as well as ensuring tasks that can only be completed in a sequential order are completed as quickly as possible.

Certain tasks require training and approved certifications before a labourer can complete the role. An owner operator would have these certifications, the experience, and can complete their role to the best standards.

The Importance of Staying on Track

In the majority of construction contracts, bonuses are based upon the completion of certain milestones. Milestones would be time-based to ensure the project is on track and advancing as planned.

Milestones are generally set before work commences and there is very little leeway. If you’re affected by the elements, you’ll forego your bonus. PAL Hire doesn’t want that for you, which is why we can help clawback the time to ensure you hit your milestones.

If you’ve missed one milestone and don’t change your approach, you’ll miss every milestone, losing all bonuses and reducing the value of the project. Change your approach. Use PAL Hire. With good communication, teamwork, and ensuring all key assets are on-site, we’ll be able to help you hit milestones later on in the project.

If your project is behind schedule, have been let down and passed from pillar to pillar, ring our consultants. They’ll resolve your issues and together we’ll be able to get the project on track.