Grab Hire and Waste Collection

Grab Hire and Waste Collection

12 July 2018

PAL Hire released a post highlighting the importance of litter picking. Having reviewed our work, it was evident we had forgotten to inform you what we can do with the waste you’ve collected. We had forgotten to provide you information relating to your waste disposal options when hiring through PAL Hire. We had forgotten to mention skip bags, and grab hire and caged van services. That was our mistake.

We can’t give you half the information and leave you to it. As an organisation, we continuously go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. We never give half an answer. In this case we did, which is why I apologise to you, the reader, and will now give you the options available to you when you have waste ready to be collected.

Commercial Market

Commercial clients can take advantage of our easy-to-book grab hire and caged van service. This service is ideal for removing bulk waste, especially if you are unable to load waste whilst on site. The lorry grabbers are flexible and can be manoeuvred over walls, hedges or fences, so they do not damage property.

PAL Hire ensures it manages the entire operation. We don’t do half a job. We don’t provide half a solution. We provide a solution and a half. By booking the grab hire service, you will also be provided with a trained driver, who will load the caged van on your behalf. PAL Hire is the best option.

Not only do our sales and customer service team provide you with a delivery time on the day of delivery, a driver to collect the waste, a collection time once the project has been completed, but we’ll also dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner. That is the definition of a one-stop-shop, a provider of complete solutions, an all-encompassing entity.

Domestic Market

If you’re thinking about a cleaning spree and worried you’ll find layers upon layers of old, dusty consumables which need to be thrown away, then I’d recommend hiring an 8-yard skip. This skip is ideal for house renovations and building projects.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Mr. Writer, I don’t want to hire a skip, I don’t have the space for a huge skip.” Do not worry. If you ring our team on 0844 288 7265, they will also offer you the option of hiring a skip bag. Skip bags revolutionised the domestic waste industry, with countless clients hiring skip bags if they’re digging up their garden or stripping out an old bathroom or kitchen.
When speaking to our team, you’ll be met with a friendly voice who will ask you not only when you would like the skip bag delivered, but also when you’d like it collected. We manage the whole process, including delivery, collection, and disposal of waste.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, one of the best reasons to use PAL Hire is the fact we can secure the road permits required to place skips on the road. Permit prices vary depending on location; however, it’s generally accepted those residing or working in London will face higher permit prices than those in any other part of the UK. If you’re in London, the aforementioned alternative options could help you save money on your project.

PAL Hire is the best option if you require waste collection services. The team is a call away from resolving your problems, easing your concerns, and providing you a one-stop solution rarely seen within the hire industry. Call 0844 288 7265.