Health and Safety on Site

Health and Safety on Site

23 July 2018

Hard hats have become synonymous with health and safety protocols on a construction site; however, there is more to health and safety than hard hats, hi vis jackets, and protective clothing.

At PAL Hire, we understand health and safety also refers to where workers are situated, whether on the ground or in the air, the time at which they work, site accommodation could possibly be required if the construction site is operational through the night, and safety procedures relating to the equipment used during a project.

Working at Height

One of the most dangerous scenarios at a construction site is when operating at height. PAL Hire offers three safety systems designed to protect construction workers in the air or below the ground:

  • Roof Man Anchors – designed to provide short-term safety solutions for where there are no guardrails present, offering a fall-protection system.
  • Fall Arresters – part of the fall-stop system which is attached between the harness and anchoring point; designed to be a stop/retrieval system.
  • Tripod Access System – safely lowers people and materials into shafts, manholes, and other below-surface areas.

Alongside safety precautions, PAL Hire also offers organisations the chance to send their workforce on IPAF training programmes – an IPAF certificate is legally required for working at height with powered access, such as scissor and boom lifts, MEWPs, and pop-up platforms.

The IPAF training programme was developed by industry professionals and conforms to ISO 18878 standards for mobile elevating work platforms. More than 100,000 operators are trained each year through a worldwide network of training centres.

Working at Night

Humans are not developed to be nocturnal. We function at our peak during daylight hours. When night comes, we go to sleep; however, construction men and women sometimes have to work during the night time, especially if a project is to be completed on time and is near an area that is highly populated during the day.

PAL Hire, understanding the construction world, offers lighting equipment and power generators designed to illuminate entire sites to ensure there is enough light to complete the work and for the workforce to stay safe and not be hurt by unseen machinery.


Security is paramount to efficient operations. Construction sites are naturally dangerous. The number of people, the number of machines, and at the mercy of the great outdoors, it’s no surprise accidents happen. If you’ve got a construction site which covers several acres, it is vital your workforce is provided with two-way radios. Radios can keep your employees safe and in constant contact with those who may be in perilous situations, or where there is high risk of injury, if they’re working at height or below the ground.

We’ve all followed the recent story of a young football team trapped in a cave in Thailand; one of the first pieces of equipment that was provided to the team were two-way radios to keep them in contact with the outside world. We never know when danger is around the corner, it’s better to be prepared than to act on human instinct and hope it gets us through.

Not only is there security and health and safety of the workforce, there’s also security of plant. Throughout the planning of a project, PAL Hire would be very surprised if the planning team does not consider security and storage. If there was a way to keep your plant secure when you’re not on site, would you turn it down? We highly doubt you would, which is why we offer a range of site storage solutions.

The easiest way to keep someone from trespassing is to erect fencing – PAL Hire offers both wooden and metal options. We have several options all of which have been developed with security in mind.

Fire Detection Systems

There are approx. 11 construction fires every day. Fires can lead to a loss of life. As you read this blogpost, the probability of a fire breaking out on a construction site is extremely high. PAL Hire understand the importance of detecting leaks and possible causes of fire accidents before they become a threat. We offer the following products designed to limit the devastation fires can cause and eradicate them before they become a risk to life:

  • Detection Equipment – essential in the reduction of accidents and fires. Covers a range of uses including detecting carbon monoxide in real time.
  • 4 Gas Detector – capable of instantly detecting oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and flammable gases in the air, meaning a leak may be close by.

If every person at or around a construction site approached fire safety with common sense and put health and safety first rather than speed when dealing with waste, fuel, and vehicles, there could be a sharp reduction in the number of fires.

As a collective, we must work together to reduce the number of accidents on site, and PAL Hire believes 11 fires every day is simply too many and further precautions must be taken to reduce this number. The ultimate goal is to get the number of accidents, fires, and deaths to zero.

Environmental Impact

Leaking gas has an enormous impact on the natural environment, with the potential for it to contaminate the local water around a construction site.

A few weeks ago, we discussed the impact construction projects have on the environment. If we add leaking gas to the mix, the destruction of the earth’s atmosphere would be catastrophic. Contact the National Gas Emergency Service if you suspect there is a gas leak at your construction site for this to be resolved immediately to not only protect the environment from further damage, but also protect your workforce from exposure to harmful gases.

If you’re planning your next construction site, call PAL Hire on 0844 288 7265 and the team will offer you the latest health and safety equipment to keep your workforce safe.