The Heat Has Arrived

The Heat Has Arrived

28 June 2018

…And as soon as it arrived, it left. Not this time. This time it’s different. This time, the heat is here to stay. This time the UK is going to enjoy hot weather for the rest of the summer. This time, thousands of holiday makers will fly from Barcelona to Barnsley to benefit from scorching hot weather, not before seen in the UK. Not only will it be coming home, but it’ll come home to sunshine and blue skies, rather than grey skies and torrential rain.

It’s all fun and games until water suppliers issue warnings and wildfires rage over Greater Manchester. If you were unaware before, the heat is no joke. People throughout the UK are suffering, with over 2,000 homes left without water in Telford due to a fault with Severn Trent Water at the start of this week, some of which have yet to have their water reconnected.

The great men and women of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have been tackling the large blaze in Saddleworth Moor over the last few days, with no current end in sight as the heat continues to torment the landscape. A word of warning, the dry heat is set to continue over the next few weeks and further fires could occur throughout the UK.

To survive in heat never before seen on these shores, we require water. Lots of water. If you’ve got an event, a festival, a celebration, or an outdoor wedding and need to supply your guests with water, look no further than PAL Hire. If you’ve got a construction project currently ongoing or about to start, the benefits of purchasing bottled water from PAL Hire go above simply supplying your staff with water, they also include:

  • Keeping staff hydrated throughout the day will ensure their productivity levels remain high.
  • You’ll be a valued employer for looking after your staff.

Drinking Water

PAL Hire’s water is offered in 330ml, 500ml, 1.5L, and 2L bottles and arrives packaged for ease of use. We’re able to deliver in bulk directly to your event, with no limit on how many water bottles you can request. If you’re unsure how many you may need, speak to our sales team and they’ll be happy to assist you. PAL Hire can deliver at very short notice, so don’t worry if you need them immediately as we’re able to service anybody, anytime, and anywhere within the UK.

Alongside the water bottles, PAL Hire can also offer you water tanks capable of holding between 1,000 and 200,000 litres of clean drinking water. Water tanks are very much a temporary solution when large amounts of clean drinking water are required. PAL Hire’s sales staff would recommend the water tanks be hired alongside bottled water, but if you call the team on 0844 288 7265 they will be able to discuss your options with you.

If you’re away from the phone, PAL Hire also has an online chat function with sales agents ready to speak to you immediately.