Heating a Construction Site

Heating a Construction Site

25 February 2019

Winter is scheduled to end on 20th March 2019; however, this winter seems to be fundamentally different to previous winters experienced in the UK. Where is the snow? Where is the month long cold weather? Where is the ice? Where is the winter we know? Where is the need for heating?

Do not get lulled in by this false sense of winter never coming, it has arrived. As we sit inside an office, we don’t completely understand the difficult conditions on project sites where heating is required.

The Met Office has provided the following forecasts for the next few weeks, up until the Spring Equinox:

25 Feb 2019 to 4 Mar 2019:

  • Largely fine and very mild with sunshine for many.
  • Northwest Scotland could be cloudier at times with rain and strong winds.
  • Southeast may see some early mist and fog, but also the best of the sunshine.
  • Largely dry, sunny and mild conditions are likely to continue until the end of February.
  • Overnight frosts are possible with mist and fog patches too.

5 Mar 2019 to 19 Mar 2019:

  • Early March may bring a mixture of wet and windy weather, but also intermittent dry spells.
  • Snow remains possible over higher ground in the north.
  • Milder conditions remain more likely, with occasional overnight frosts.

The above does not seem to suggest it’s all doom and gloom for the UK, and as we’ve only experienced one week of snow, all is not bad in the UK.

However, on a construction site, life is different. Working in in dynamic weather conditions, the slightest difference in temperature can cause disruption to operatives, machines, and structures.

We’ve previously written about the working temperatures of plant, which can be read here.

Keeping your workforce warm during winter is vital in ensuring productivity remains high. There are several ways in which PAL Hire can help you, providing a range of heating options, including dry rooms, welfare units, and conventional heaters.


Our range of heating equipment offers everything you need to keep a space warm, no matter what size, whether indoor or outdoor. The electric heater range varies from small portable radiators to large industrial fans which are more suited for larger spaces, such as warehouses.

Direct and indirect fuel heaters which are ideal when you need large volumes of heat, as well as radiant heaters which create intense heat in one location.

Whatever your requirement may be, PAL Hire can provide suitable options allowing you to choose the most convenient solution designed to meet your needs. Our team have the industry expertise to be able to cater to your needs, wherever you may be in the UK and whenever you need a heater for your site.

During the summer time, we can also offer cooling fans, further cementing our place as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of on-site equipment all year round.

Welfare Units

Our welfare units are one of our most popular products, especially as we offer eco-friendly options, which helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption, leading to lower costs.

All units are fully insulated and can include a myriad of features, including dry rooms, canteens, seating areas, and chemical toilets. Built with comfort and practicality in mind, our welfare units will keep spaces well heated.

Committed to being eco-friendly and reducing pollution as much as possible, we also provide a variety of silent generators to service the welfare units.

Silent generators are utilised to allow workers a chance to move away from the noise generated on-site, as well as reducing the overall noise pollution of a project.

Dry Rooms

PAL Hire also offers self-contained drying rooms that can be modified for your requirements and keep your operatives dry and safe.

Available in a range of size from 10ft to 32ft, the drying rooms supplied by PAL Hire are industry tested and proven to dry workwear overnight by up to 90%.

A unique heating and ventilation method deployed inside the room enables workwear to dry quicker, ensuring if it is a cold or wet day, operatives will have warm, dry clothes to wear the next day.

All drying rooms are secure and offer hanging space for tools, as well as clothing. Equipped with the very latest anti-vandal security locks, equipment can be left overnight with the knowledge they will be there in the morning when you return.

When you’re searching for heating options to warm your construction site, consider using PAL Hire. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our efficiency, our UK-wide rates, and our ability to source the perfect solution for your site. Speak to our team on 0844 288 7265.