Heavy Rain and Flooding Imminent

Heavy Rain and Flooding Imminent

11 July 2018

The heatwave arrived and now it’s over…or is it? This could be a brief hiatus into the summer of 2018, which we’re all enjoying and will enjoy once the rain has passed, but as heavy rain is imminent, we at PAL Hire want to warn you and help you prepare for the next few days.

At 10:30am, 11 July 2018, the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for North West England. After weeks of sunshine, we knew the rain would eventually arrive, but little we did know it’d arrive with such force, with the potential for heavy downpours throughout the North West. A yellow warning means we must keep an eye on the forecast and be aware that the weather may change or worsen. The rain is expected to arrive between 11am and 8pm on Friday 13 July.

Thunderstorms could potentially result in flash flooding, leading to buildings and houses being damaged, as well as the possibility of short-term power loss. Thunder never enters on its own; it’s always accompanied by its partner, lightning. Lightning makes the situation perilous, with danger to human life added into the fray.

PAL Hire can offer several options to protect your premises at very short notice. We are set up to service both the domestic and commercial markets. If you’re in the North West, hiring this equipment is vital. Do not risk your business. Do not risk everything against the power of mother nature. PAL Hire can offer you a glimmer of hope that your business will be protected against the heavy rains we’re expecting.

Before Flood Solutions

500mm and 900mm Flood Barriers – proven and effective flood prevention methods, which can be rapidly assembled. If you’re a construction or utilities company and need to protect valuable assets from being damaged by rising water levels, we recommend you hire the 900mm Flood Barrier.

After Flood Solutions

If the water has already affected your business, a Puddle Pump is the ideal solution to quickly clear the water out of your premises. A fully submersible pump capable of clearing 11 litres of water every 60 seconds.

To complement the Puddle Pump, we also provide the Floor and Carpet Dryer. A three-speed high power piece of equipment, the dryer is ideal for carpets and hard floors, and can dry rooms with ease and at speed.

Importance of Solutions

We’ll ensure to provide you the machinery as quickly as possible, and when you speak to our team they will immediately begin working on your requirements as a priority as we understand the risk of damage and financial loss that could be experienced if there is heavy rain.

In June 2018, the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning in Greater Manchester for flash flooding and torrential rain. Within a few hours roads transformed rivers, motorists were stranded as their cars refused to move, and several businesses were flooded. PAL Hire does not want to see a repeat of this situation, which is why we urge businesses, whether big or small to contact us as we want to protect you, we want to protect your assets, and we guarantee we can provide a flooding solution that will help you beat mother nature. There is still time to act.

We sincerely hope your premises have not been affected by the adverse weather. Call the team now on 0844 288 7265 to protect your premises.