Hillhead Show The Largest Construction, Recycling and Quarrying Exhibition in the UK

22 June 2022

If you are going to do something consistently spanning forty years, and you would like advice on how to do it. Then Hillhead, the UK’s Largest Construction, Recycling and Quarrying Show – is a classic example. And whilst the world appears to have been under forced economic stasis for the past couple of years. The scale and organisation of Hillhead Show proves that nothing has been lost and if anything – everything gained.

Internal Exhibition Space
Internal Exhibition Space

From our point of view, Hillhead our focus was always going to be on construction and recycling. Afterall that’s from where most of our client’s herald. But even then, the scale of some of the equipment at the show – is not what you see kicking around on every construction site. What you can experience is the hired in equipment used to support construction sites. It is everywhere.

The kind of equipment which often gets taken for granted, but is necessary for successful project conclusion. Equipment such as toilet blocks, water distribution, 4×4 gators, a wide range of fencing, cabins, Marquees, Telehandlers, Powered Access, dust suppression, generators, and tower lights. Are all dotted around the quarry, either in use or ready to be deployed. It was clear that site set up is a huge logistical consideration at the Hillhead show.

Amazing Infrastructure for a show

All types of Hired In Equipment in Use at Hillhead Show
All types of Hired In Equipment in Use at Hillhead Show

Everything at the show was just well planned and executed with regular dust suppression equipment being used to supress clouds of dust being kicked up by the demonstrations or the hoards of visitors as they trample up and down the seemingly endless rows of exhibitors. This extended to the damping down of car parks and approach roads to the quarry. This made a huge difference. Add the provision of minibuses to ferry attendees to the furthers car parks and you have an exceptionally well organised construction show.

With a record attendance set in the foothills of Buxton and with astonishingly glorious sunshine, Hillhead was the perfect backdrop to showcase kit and solutions to counter the huge challenges that we all face in construction. We are all looking for efficient construction techniques, better ways to manage and save on fuel use and to align our construction sites with processes that get the job done better – safer – faster.

Hillhead Show – The Demonstrations

Amazing Demonstrations the Quarry Face and Huge Excavators
Amazing Demonstrations the Quarry Face and Huge Excavators

Whilst all the exhibition stands were great to visit and see the equipment and services on offer. With key players in the industry leading the way with ground-breaking tech and all sorts of different ways to encourage sales. It is the demonstration areas where one can witness the amazing equipment and processes available to modern construction, quarrying and recycling industries. None more colossal than the quarry face, where attendees appear to be encircled by the most impressive excavators and earth moving equipment. Again, dust suppression was a must for this area as huge boulders and piles of material are effortlessly manoeuvred at the will of the professional Hillhead demonstration teams.

The Rock Processing Demonstration area showcased the latest in material handling and grading. With tech on display including inline and external graders. Similar with the recycling demonstration area. As stated, the whole Hillhead Show site is a demonstration platform for equipment used to set up site. The use of welfare units, containerised secure toilet blocks are always in well thought out locations in and around the show. Giving you chance to experience the pleasures of a site loo. If that is not something, you are familiar with?

The Exhibitors

An Eagle
This is an Eagle!

The sites and sound of the exhibitors can not be ignored. Blimps, carved birds of Prey, Real Birds of Prey, Buckets the size of Houses and Material Handling Conveyors the size of three-story office buildings. Private helicopters buzzing overhead, there is a story, a use case and reason for most businesses in our industries in our sector to attend Hillhead. Add business meetings, private barbecues, corporate hospitality laced bars. And it is clear why Hillhead is billed as the largest show of its kind in Europe.

Be prepared for a long walk. Be prepared to spend occasions with your mouth wide open, wondering how but above all, marvel at the best show of its kind in the UK… if not further afield.

Discover more about Hillhead visit the website https://www.hillhead.com/