Hire On-Site Tools and Plant and Machinery

Hire On-Site Tools and Plant and Machinery

15 May 2019

As a multiple products supplier, it is PAL Hire’s duty to provide you and your workforce with all the tools needed to complete your project. Working with PAL Hire brings about a range of benefits and as our client, it is our duty to save you time and money. We’ve already mentioned we provide a wide range of welfare facilities, including toilets and power to your site, but your site needs more than simply welfare. For your site to operate, you need to hire on-site tools.

Regardless of the size of a project site, every site needs an assortment of on-site tools, all of which can be provided by PAL Hire. From electric breakers and concrete mixers to surface preparing and welding equipment, PAL Hire is your go-to company when it comes to small tools.

The majority of our small tools can be hired at short notice and delivered to your site within 24 hours, subject to terms, availability, and your geographic location.

Our clients work on a range of construction projects, including building works in schools and hospital sites, as well as roadside projects. Wherever you’re working, you will need to consider heating and cooling, safety and signage, as well as traffic management.

As PAL Hire is thorough in its approach to understanding your requirements, we ensure you have all the required equipment on-site before the work begins.

On-Site Tools and Large Plant

Alongside our small, handheld tools, we also supply larger tools, such as dumpers, excavators, telehandlers, and a wide range of plant and machinery.

The majority of large construction sites require a myriad of plant hire equipment, all of which are utilised for different applications. Across a construction site, a group of operatives may be working on clearing debris from one area and others may be assigned with transporting materials.

Using a supplier such as PAL Hire ensures you that you are safe in the knowledge that all your plant and machinery will arrive on site a few days before you need them to be used for an application.

When you initially speak to our team, they will ask for detailed requirements of the job, if you’re unsure on the type of machine you may need. As we have a large range of plant and machinery available to hire, some of which can be delivered to site within 48 hours, we are ideally placed to help you in your time of need.

Thinking of the Bigger Construction Site

When removing concrete from any site, you may require large skips or ROROs to remove and store the concrete safely. Our wide range of products, our delivery and collection times, and the ability to exchange skips seamlessly makes PAL Hire the expert when it comes to hiring the right skip for your requirements.

Depending on the number of operatives on-site, you will also need to consider our various toilets and welfare accommodation facilities. The majority of these are available for long-term hire with additional servicing option, if required. Many construction sites will require facilities for operatives to shower, utilise sanitation facilities, eat, and provide them with a place to dry their clothes.

If tools are to be used on-site, this brings about the notion of safety. Valuable equipment must be protected and hidden from site; construction sites are notorious criminal hotspots given the value located within one confined space.

PAL Hire can assist you with your security needs via our provision of storage containers. The size of the storage container will depend on the amount of equipment you have on-site, but also your environmentally policy. We are in a position to provide a wide range of eco-friendly storage containers, as well as generators that produce zero emissions, significantly reduce noise construction, thus impacting your overall carbon footprint.

Day and Night Project Sites

Large construction sites with tight deadlines will have to operate through the day and into the night. Working at night has its own unique requirements, including lighting towers and manned personal patrolling the site to assist with security.

We offer both static and mobile lighting tower hire anywhere in the UK, with several fuel servicing plans from which to choose, making it easier for you to run self-contained lighting towers.

The vast amount of equipment to keep a construction site operating as smoothly as possible requires a great deal of care and organisation. It requires a single point of contact within a hire company capable of providing multiple products to sites across the UK. It requires a support team providing you updates on delivery and collection times. It requires a hire company being able to provide you with one-off products at short notice. It requires PAL Hire.