9 Metre Telehandler

The 9 Metre Telehandler is designed to maximise your time and money.

Hiring the machine and you can expect excellent performance, versatility, visibility, and an enhancement in productivity.

The telehandler is designed to meet the unique demands of any construction site.

Compact dimensions, unrivalled manoeuvrability, unparalleled build quality and all-day operator comfort are just the beginning of the bundle of features the 9 Metre Telehandler boasts.



  • Heavy-duty axle feet help to absorb the immense stresses generated during continuous heavy material re-handling applications.
  • A one-piece fully welded chassis maximises strength and minimises weight.
  • A tough U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates.
  • Large boom overlaps of up to 1m for extra strength.
  • Reduced joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.
  • The cab is dipped in electophoretic ally prior to painting to provide long-term corrosion protection.
  • Keyhole castings hold the tilt and extension rams in place to further improve overall structural integrity.
  • Hydraulic hoses are intelligently routed through the boom for maximum protection.
  • The bonnet is side mounted, protecting it from site damage.
  • The rear lights fold up, keeping them clear and well protected from damage when working on site.
  • The boom is mounted low in the chassis to provide an extremely rigid support structure and maximum over the shoulder visibility.
  • Optional front and top screen food guards offer additional protection from falling debris.
9 Metre Telehandler
Operating Weight Kg 8160
Width Mtr 2.29
Height Mtr 2.49
Length to Front Carriage Mtr 4.99
Max Lift Capacity Kg 3500
Lift Capacity at Full Reach Kg 500
Max Lift Height Mtr 9.5
Max Reach Forward Mtr 6.52

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Safety information

Safety Information

  • JCB LifeLink telematics GBS vehicle tracker.
  • A low boom profile and low boom pivot make for excellent visibility.
  • As the EcoMAX engine doesn’t use DPF, the bonnet line is lower, improving both visibility and maneuverability.
  • The cab is ROPS and FOPS certified.
  • Sway frames enable the operator to make sure their telehandler is completely level before lifting.
  •  Fitted with a reverse alarm to warn bystanders.
  • An operator presence switch disables drive when the operator isn’t seated.
  • Hose burst check valves are fitted to the rams, preventing a collapse in the event of hose failure.
Things to consider

Things to Consider

  • Please allow access for safe and convenient delivery and collection.
  • Protective clothing should be worn whilst operating the machine.
  • CPCS should be held before operating.

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