Augers are used in construction, fencing, and landscaping. The drive unit can have a range of augers fitted ranging from 150mm to 1000mm and extensions can be added to achieve deeper digging depths.

Standard dig depth without an extension is 1.2m. With an extension, digging depth can reach up to 3m.

Augers can drill into the majority of ground conditions. If you require augers for drilling into rocks, sandstone, concrete, or similar harder grounds, more powerful units and specially adapted augers are available.


Hire Augers for a Range of Applications

Drilling holes of various widths into most ground conditions.

Excavation foundations for concrete.

Pre-drilling fence post holes.

Can be fitted to 1 to 40+ ton excavators.


Technical Information

Augers can dig to a standard depth of approx. 1.2m.

Deeper depths can be achieved with extension poles.

Range of flyte width are available from 150mm to 1000mm.

Safety information

Protect your workforce

  • Do not push the equipment beyond its limits.
  • You must not exceed the unit’s SWL (Safe Working Load).
  • All appropriate safety wear must be worn at all times.
  • Always make sure load is appropriately stable and well-balanced.
Things to consider

Delivery & Removal

Please be aware of access for delivery.

Please make sure there is someone on-site to sign for this item.

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