Battery Storage Unit

Introducing the Battery Storage Unit, a cutting-edge energy storage and distribution system. This smart unit is designed to optimize energy usage on your sites, offering seamless integration with generators, the power grid, or other power generation systems like solar or wind. By effectively storing excess power produced, the Battery Storage Unit ensures a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

With its intelligent system, this unit utilizes its stored energy capacity of 60kWh to power various applications or support the energy supply as needed. From site accommodation units to lighting, site security, and electric plant equipment, the Battery Storage Unit efficiently provides power for diverse applications. By combining these units with power generation systems, customers can enjoy significant reductions in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, fostering a greener and more environmentally friendly operation. Moreover, these units can operate independently, guaranteeing zero noise and emissions.

The Battery Storage Unit is particularly suited for urban areas or noise-sensitive environments, offering pre-configurable working modes to suit different usage scenarios. These modes, including Plug ‘n’ Play, Low Load, Peak Saving, UPS, and Load Sharing, can be easily selected and changed using the HICORE Smart Management System, ensuring ultimate user simplicity.

Transportation convenience is prioritized with the Battery Storage Unit, which features forklift pockets and lifting hooks for easy loading and unloading from vehicles. Each unit is also equipped with internal lockers for batteries, anti-theft hinges, door lockers, and an earth pin for enhanced security, giving customers peace of mind even when they are not on-site.





Technical information: 

Stored energy 60 kVA
Nominal rated power 30 kVA
Nominal energy storage capacity 56,8 kWh
Rated voltage (50Hz) 208 VAC
Maximum power input 100 A
Maximum passthrough 100 A
Operating temperature -15 to 50 ºC
Protection Overload, Overheat, Short Circuit


Dimensions & Weight 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,650mm x 1,100 mm x 1,800 mm
Weight 1,287 kg


Safety information
Things to consider

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