Drinking Water For Events

We can arrange for any amount of drinking water to be delivered to your site or event. Bottled water is popular with organisers of events.

Event Hire Services

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Bottled water comes in 2 l tr, 1.5 l tr, 500 ml and 330 ml

Any amount of bottles can be delivered in bulk, directly to your event

All water comes packaged for ease of use

We can supply temporary drinking water tanks, which can hold from 1,000 – 200,000 litres of clean drinking water

Water tanks offer a resourceful and temporary solution where large amounts of clean drinking water is required

We can arrange for bulk tankers to deliver water directly to you

Rigid water takers have capacities from 10,000 – 15,000 liters

Articulated water tankers can carry up to 30,000 litres

Please ask our agents if you are unsure of how many bottles you will need for your event or if a water tank is a better option

Delivery & Removal

Our service is nationwide and can usually be arranged within 24 hours

Please be aware of access for the vehicle when ordering drinking water


Technical Information

  • Bottled water comes in 2 ltr, 1.5 ltr, 500 ml and 330 ml
  • Water tanks hold between 1,000 and 200,000 litres of drinking water
  • Bulk water tankers can hold capacities up to 30,000 litres
Safety information

safety-imageSafety Information

  • Please ensure that staff don’t lift too many bottles at a time
  • Please dispose of water bottles safely
  • Adequate room is required for water tanks
  • Water tanks mustn’t be situated near naked flames
Things to consider

Things to consider

  • Please be aware of access room and entry for delivery
  • Please always check with our agents if you require additional products or services
  • Make sure you order the right amount of water, please check with our agents if you are unsure
  • Our team of dedicated specialists can arrange any amount of water to be delivered directly to you

Why don’t we display prices?

We don’t show prices on the website as we prefer to quote on an individual basis to make sure your quote is fully tailored to your complete hire needs.

For tools and equipment secured from third parties prices change often so just call us on 0844 288 7265 for availability and to get the best rates on the day!

Whether you are looking for a single skip or a complete site hire, we can find the right deal for you and the best prices for your area.