Fume Extractor & Ducting

Increases air circulation and removes dust and fumes caused by welding, woodworking, construction and other work-related activities



Comes with 6m of ducting

Comes with portable ducted fan

Ideal for environments where there is reduced air circulation, such as garages and workshops

All our fume extractors and ducting are tested to the highest standards

Many types of fumes and dust are hazardous if inhaled

Fume extractors reduce the amount of fumes and dust particles in the air

Delivery & Removal

Please be aware of access for delivery


Technical Information

Weight Duct Length
15 kg 6 m

Please note, weight may differ depending on supplier.

Safety information

Safety Information

  • Fume extractors help to protect the health of employees
  • All our fume extractors and ducting come with full health and safety instructions. Please read all guidelines in detail
Things to consider

Things to consider

  • Only trained and qualified personnel should operate this type of equipment
  • Fume extractors and ducting should be checked regularly to ensure they are in fully working order

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