Hilight LED Tower Light B5

Suitable for a wide range of applications the Hilight LED Tower is perfect for events, construction and any temporary lighting solutions. This includes Oil and Gas applications. This is cutting edge lighting technology.


The light tower has a hydraulic vertical mast. This technology features intelligent in-built sensors that detect adverse environmental conditions and will automatically lower the vertical mast when safety or stability is compromised.


LED lights are actually more resistant to vibrations and impact

LED lights are suited for harsh working conditions

Considering the sophisticated nature of LED technology, it could be forgiven for thinking the lamps might be delicate or fragile. However, the fact that LED lamps contain no filaments actually makes them more resistant to vibrations and impact. This is a crucial consideration for the construction and mining industries, which naturally demand that its equipment must be durable enough to survive harsh working conditions.

Operational savings

Operational costs reduced by up to 95%thanks to the different remote start modes available via the photocell and the weekly timer and easy operation with the intuitive Lc 1003 controller and straightforward installation due to its compact dimensions, all help to lower running costs.

Transport efficiency

The HiLight B5+ is the best choice when it comes to transport efficiency by truck. The small footprint facilitates easy installation and provides maximum site safety. Thanks to its compact dimensions, 22 units can be loaded on a 13m truck. In addition, the stable hydraulic vertical mast extends to a maximum height of 8m and rotates 340°.


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