IBC Tanks

IBC tanks are an ideal solution if you need water for your toilets or welfare unit. Intermediate Bulk Containers are reusable, multi use multi grade containers. Design to store and transport bulk liquids and powders.

IBC containers are conveniently designed to be stacked and can be moved manually when not full. Or with a Forklift truck / Reach when full.

Common volumes for Rigid IBC containers are 275 Gallon and 330 Gallons. Speak to our team and specify what size IBC container(s) you require for your project.



Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) tanks are delivered with no water inside them and get filled at the site

IBC tanks can be fitted with a petrol or electric pump

These containers hold 1,000 litres

Can also be used to store and hold waste

The container itself is protected with a steel cage

IBC containers which are black in colour hold fresh, clean water only

Can be used to weigh down marquees at events

Delivery & Removal

Our service is nationwide and can usually be arranged within 24 hours

Please be aware of access for the vehicle when ordering IBC tanks


Technical Information

Width Height Length Weight (Volume) Weight (Dry tank)
100 cm 116 cm 122 cm Approx. 1 tonne 60 kg
Safety information

safety-imageSafety Information

  • IBC tanks must be placed where there is enough room for them
  • Access points must have enough room for entry
  • It is advised that relevant protective clothing should be worn
Things to consider

Things to consider

  • Please be aware of access room and entry for delivery
  • Please always check with our agents if you require additional products or services
  • Make sure you order the right amount of IBC tanks, please check with our agents if you are unsure
  • Our team of dedicated specialists can advise you on IBC tanks and what you need to know when ordering one

Why don’t we display prices?

We don’t show prices on the website as we prefer to quote on an individual basis to make sure your quote is fully tailored to your complete hire needs.

For tools and equipment secured from third parties prices change often so just call us on 0844 288 7265 for availability and to get the best rates on the day!

Whether you are looking for a single skip or a complete site hire, we can find the right deal for you and the best prices for your area.