JCB 926 Rough Terrain Forklift

JCB 926 Rough Terrain Forklift is powered by a 55kW EcoMAX engine, in addition to having a 2600 kg lift capacity.

It has several mast options ranging from 3.6 to 5.5 m allowing you to tailor the JCB 926 Rough Terrain Forklift to the perfect height.

With the Syncro Shuttle Transmission, it allows fast and smooth directional changes, in addition to a side shift feature allowing you to accurately place materials on scaffolding.

JCB 926 Rough Terrain Forklift has excellent all round visibility, making it one of the most popular rough terrain forklifts on sites across the UK.



  • A 4.4-litre EcoMAX T4 Final-compliant engine produces peak power (74hp/55kW) and torque (400Nm) at just 1200 rpm for great responsiveness.
  • A fixed geometry turbo further enhances low-rev performance, improving power and tractive effort.
  • Ability to fine-tune to allow application to any terrain.
  • Tyres are available in large diameter traction or industrial.
  • Long pallet forks available in either 1067 mm or 1200 mm; and either 2 WD or 4 WD.
  • Optional single or double mast auxiliary, you can specify 3.6, 4.5 or 5.5 variants.
  • Class IIIB ITA, or Bar carriages available.
  • The engine, transmission, hydraulic rams and cab are built to work in perfect harmony.
  • The left column-mounted power shuttle gives the operator fast and easy directional control.
  • Optional all-wheel servo brakes to provide smooth and responsive stopping power.


Maximum Engine Power 55 kW
Maximum Lift Capacity 2600 kg
Maximum Lift Height 5.5m
Safety information

Safety Information

  • Ensure you know how to operate the equipment before starting.
  • Never leave equipment unattended.
  • Wear safety footwear, gloves and a hardhat during operation.
  • Ensure area is clear of persons and obstructions before using.
  • Ensure forklift is parked on level ground when not in use.
Things to consider

Things to Consider

  • Speak to one of our team if you require any additional add-on’s.
  • Ensure the operator of the vehicle has the necessary qualifications to operate.
  • Please ensure we have safe access to deliver and collect.

Delivery & Removal

  • Our forklifts are nationwide.
  • The forklifts need to be situated where it is easy for our vehicles to drop off and collect.
  • The size of the vehicle we will deliver the units in will depend on the type and quantity of forklifts.
  • Please be aware of access for the vehicle when ordering forklifts.

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