Paraffin Heater

The paraffin heater provides instant heat on demand, and is suitable for use with paraffin and diesel fuel.

PAL Hire has access to the latest models, which are more than 10% more efficient than their predecessors. The latest models also produce less carbon emissions per hour of use than previous models.



This heater is mounted on a trolley which makes transportation easy.

An electrical supply is needed to power the heater.

Safety features include flame failure and overheat protection with low temperature outer casing.

Delivery & Removal

Our heaters can usually be delivered within 24 hours

Area for delivery drop-off and collection must be clear and free from obstruction.


Technical Information

Heat Output Power BTU/hour Tank Capacity Weight Running Time
44 kw Dual Voltage (240V/110V) 150000 48 l 41 kg 11 hours

(Please note, these are an approximate guide only and can differ depending on supplier)

Safety information

Safety Information

  • Never operate paraffin heaters in a confined space. The exhaust contains gases that can kill.
  • Keep children, animals and bystanders away from the heater.
  • Never refuel while the heater is hot or running.
  • Never smoke or allow naked lights into the area while refuelling.
  • Always mop up spillages as quickly as possible, and change your clothes if you get paraffin on yourself.
  • Always store paraffin in a purpose-made sealed container, in a cool, safe place well away from the work area.
  • Do not use on a slope and do not place anything on top of the heater.
  • When you are finished using the heater, turn the equipment OFF.
  • Disconnect the heater from its power supply then neatly coil all hoses and cables.
Things to consider

Things to consider

  • Never use a heater except for its intended purpose.
  • When not in use, store the equipment somewhere clean, dry and safe from thieves.
  • Keep children away from heaters at all times.
  • PAL Hire have a range of heaters, please get in touch to discuss which model is suitable for your needs.

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