SlotBlock Barrier

As the only water-filled barrier to offer compatibility with standard mesh panels, the PAL Hire SlotBlock barrier is the go-to barrier for high-visibility protection, flexible deployment and superior wind resistance.


Key features:

  • Compatible with standard 3.5m x 2m mesh panels
  • Water-filled stability
  • Rotation through 45o for versatile layout
  • 50mm drainage point for easy emptying
  • Available in a range of highly visible colours
  • Additional reflective strip available for maximum visibility
  • Points for additional lighting, for maximum visibility
  • Customisation through branding and embossed graphics available
  • Available for hire or purchase with delivery throughout the UK

SlotBlock Barrier units: Carefully designed to offer maximum efficiency and full compatibility with industry standard 3.5m x 2m mesh panels, SlotBlock are water-filled base barriers of:

  • 1.75 m length – 2 required for each fence panel to 3.5m
  • 600mm (max) height
  • 380 mm width
  • Unfilled weight – 14 kg per unit
  • Combined weight of 2 units filled and 1 standard mesh panel – 320 kg

Bases are constructed from robust 100% recyclable plastic and provide water-filled stability to industry standard temporary fencing. Two base units are required to support each 3.5m fence panel securely. Superior safety As a low, water-filled base, SlotBlock barriers offer resistance against wind: testing from MIRA certified resistance up to 57 mph. This design brings additional stability to standard fence panels and significantly reduces potential trip hazards. The high visibility galvanised finish allow these bases to be highly visible whilst lights can also be added for night use or for increased visibility in low-light areas. Flexible, convenient and cost-effective As well as offering versatile layout through 45° rotation, the innovative design of PAL Hire SlotBlock Barriers means that standard mesh barriers can be easily slotted into the base. This not only helps to create barrier runs with superior stability (particularly in windy areas) but the relative lightweight of unfilled barriers also means quick and easy deployment and assembly – ideal in a variety of situations where temporary fencing is required, such as emergency maintenance or repair. These barriers offer multiple uses across sites. The barrier design incorporates convenience for filling, with an ample 75 mm fill point, whilst the 50 mm drainage design accommodates easy emptying, to allow quick dismantling and redeployment as required. As no separate backstays or feet are required, this non-permanent barrier system, along PAL Hire’s mesh fencing panels, allows speedy, temporary installation with a reduced footprint, ideal when disruption to road users and pedestrians needs to be kept minimal. When transportation to another site or storage is needed, the reduced weight and innovative shape of SlotBlock barriers makes them easily portable and storage-friendly, with up to 18 units (9 complete 3.5m sets) per double pallet for cost-effective transportation. Low down, high profile barrier Using SlotBlock barriers to support the efficient deployment and use of standard mesh panels brings superior stability at the base, where it is needed most, with a high visibility finish which can also incorporate company branding and safety signs. The small footprint of these bases makes them the go-to barrier for minimum disruption but maximum safety in a range of construction needs and particularly for busy thoroughfares and city sites.



  • Only water-filled barrier that fits standard mesh panel
  • Wind tested to 57mph
  • Rotates 45 degrees
  • Weight: 320kg (full)
  • Length: 1750mm (single)
  • Height: 600mm
  • Width: 380mm


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