Introducing our cutting-edge solar hybrid power generator, the ultimate sustainable power solution for remote sites such as construction, railway, and roadworks. If you’re seeking an environmentally friendly power option that brings numerous benefits to your site, look no further. With our solar hybrid power generator, you’ll experience a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions, fuel costs, noise pollution, and generator run time.

To enhance the performance and efficiency of these units, we recommend pairing them with our smart Erica Energy Management Tool. This powerful tool provides real-time monitoring and data capturing capabilities, allowing you to identify power wastage and further reduce on-site carbon emissions. With the solar hybrid power generator and Erica Energy Management Tool combination, you have a comprehensive solution for sustainable energy optimization.

Transportation and setup are a breeze with our solar hybrid power generator. It comes complete with a tow bar and wheels, ensuring easy mobility around your site. Once in place, utilize the slide-out stability legs to secure it firmly. The unit’s compact footprint enables quick setup even in smaller compounds. Equipped with 8 large solar panels, which effortlessly slide out and can be tilted and adjusted at the push of a button, you’ll achieve optimal solar performance in both winter and summer. Experience an increase in solar generation of up to 30% with this advanced design.

Our eco-friendly units are fitted with GPS tracking, allowing you to control the generator remotely, wherever you are. Monitor the power generated and consumed through the convenient remote monitoring system. Additionally, automatically generate environmental reports to track energy performance and carbon reduction compared to conventional generators, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Choose our solar hybrid power generator and revolutionize the way you power your remote sites. Embrace sustainability, reduce emissions, save on fuel costs, and enjoy the benefits of efficient power generation.


  • Large solar panels which can be hydraulically controlled & adjusted for maximum solar gain year round
  • Panels able to harvest 3kW of solar energy
  • Towable for easy transportation & repositioning
  • Boasting the latest solar & Li-ion battery storage
  • Simple, autonomous operation
  • Remote real-time monitoring & GPS tracking
  • Supplied with smart single phase distribution board
  • Able to power up to 7 x 32ft accommodation units & 1 x watermatic



  • PV panels able to harvest 3kW of solar energy
  • 3 x 32A 230V or; 
  • 1 x 125A 230V suppling distribution board with 6 x 32A & 2 X 16A outlets all controllable
  • 22kVA generator with 15kVA inverter and 35 kWh lithium-ion battery storage
  • 35kW battery capacity = 30kW usable battery
  • 130 litre internal fuel tank 
  • Fuel line connection to external diesel tank


Transport Mode Operating Mode
Length 4,300mm 5,900mm
Width 2,240mm 4,300mm
Height 2,450mm 3,780mm
Weight 3,310kg (with trailer)
Safety information

Safety Information

  • Safety boots and gloves are required to use this system.
  • A hard hat must be worn when using this equipment.
  • Make sure appropriate signs are displayed.
  • PPE is required for the safe operation of this equipment.
Things to consider

Things to consider

  • We thoroughly check all of our equipment prior to dispatch using a comprehensive pre-hire checklist.
  • All equipment is serviced regularly and our local engineers will contact you to arrange on-site servicing or maintenance in accordance with our scheduled maintenance programme.
  • PAL Hire can assist with all of your transportation requirements, get in touch for more information.

Delivery & Removal

  • Please be aware of access for delivery and make sure someone is available to sign for this item.

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