X-Chain Lighting Tower

If you’re in need of a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre lighting tower, look no further than the X-Chain.

The X-Chain is rugged, long lasting, and is the first lighting tower in the market that has a patented mast emergency brake system designed to improve safety.

The lighting tower guarantees 2,400 sqm of illuminated area.

Enhanced technology allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

To hire this unique lighting tower, call our team on 0844 288 7265.


Multi-directionally adjustable and tiltable floodlights.

Manual lifting system complete with auto-braking system.

Very compact dimensions for easy handling & transportability.

Lightweight for improved manoeuvrability.

Central lifting eye forklift pockets for effective handling.



Guided main coiled cable to avoid damage during tower operation.

On-board levels for guidance during stabilization.

Light Sensor and Astronomical Timers are standard features.

Safety information

Patented mast emergency brake prevents the falling of the mast in case of failure.

Circuit breaker for electrical protection against overload.

Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h.

Things to consider

Area for drop-off and collection must be clear and free from obstructions.

Why don’t we display prices?

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