Hosepipe Ban and Water Shortage 2

Hosepipe Ban and Water Shortage

2 August 2018

Update 02/08/2018 – 14:00:

United Utilities has announced in the last hour, the hosepipe ban has been called off. PAL Hire will provide further updates as they’re received, but for now, the hosepipe ban will not be taking place.



It was all sunshine and flowers a few weeks ago. The UK was going through a heatwave, football was returning to its birthplace, and everybody was in high spirits. Then, we had wildfires in Greater Manchester, PAL Hire donated supplies to the fire brigade and volunteers tackling the blaze, and now United Utilities will be introducing a hosepipe ban to take effect on 5 August.

What has caused the hosepipe ban?

The depleting water supplies throughout the North West due to an unnatural heatwave, possibly the UK’s longest heatwave this millennium, coupled with the accepted fact there is less water circulating through our systems due to leakages has caused United Utilities to act. It is yet to be seen whether other water companies will follow suit, and we may not get a clearer picture until after United Utilities’ ban takes effect.

As this is the hottest summer the North West has experienced since the mid-1970’s, a hosepipe ban, considering it uses as much water in one hour as a family of four does in one day, is the sensible approach and other companies should be enforcing similar bans throughout the UK.

How effective is a hosepipe ban?

According to the UK water industry, a hosepipe ban reduces water usage by 5-10%. In comparison, United Utilities is losing approx. a quarter of all water through leakages before it even reaches the home.

One would not be questioned for doubting the real reason a hosepipe ban has been enforced is to line the pockets of the upper brass of United Utilities. It is not within PAL Hire’s remit to debate this further, but as almost 7 million people will be affected by this ban, it would be wrong to not provide this information.

What did PAL Hire do?

PAL Hire ensures it always has a backup plan, and a backup plan to that backup plan. The way in which we nurture our suppliers ensures we always have an available option for our clients. Our availability for all products and services is unrivalled. If one supplier cannot meet your requirements to the letter, we will use a different supplier.

The importance we place in meeting your requirements, ticking every box you’ve asked us to tick, ensuring you have a peace of mind regarding your hire options is what makes our customer service team extraordinary.

As soon as the hosepipe ban was announced, our Account Managers were immediately on the phone to our suppliers asking if the ban would be affecting their operations. All our suppliers categorically stated their operations would not be affected by the hosepipe ban.

What does this mean for our existing clients?

If PAL Hire’s suppliers are not affected by the hosepipe ban, then PAL Hire is not affected. If PAL Hire is not affected, our clients are not affected. It means business as usual. It means you can request water services from PAL Hire and we will not turn around and say we have no water to provide. We have excess amounts of water readily available for clients throughout the UK, especially those based in the North West.

Our existing clients are always in the strongest position because they use PAL Hire on a regular basis. They’re aware of the benefits of working with our Account Managers; they’re aware of the preferential rates they receive and the single invoice they receive regardless of the number of hires or where they’re requesting plant to be sent.

If you don’t have a trade account with PAL Hire, the team has recently released a post showcasing the benefits of a trade account.

What can you do if you’re affected by the hosepipe ban?

If you’re affected by the ban, then calling PAL Hire on 0844 288 7265 is your best option. As previously stated, PAL Hire is not affected by the ban and we can supply water services immediately. If your supplies are depleting and you need water for your outdoor event or project site, the PAL Hire team will place your request as a priority.

We understand no amount of planning and managing resources can cover such an event and, as such, we’ve received reassurances from our suppliers their water supplies will not be affected, and water is available for all.

Water is a basic human right; PAL Hire will ensure water is delivered to your site as quickly as possible and no man, woman, or child will go without water. We’ll manage the delivery process, so you have one less worry; we’ll manage the collection process; if you need your water levels managed, we’ll provide instruments capable of measuring when the water is at a low level and needs to be refilled – we’ll also provide refill services.

If you’re worried you may be affected by the hosepipe ban, remember you heard it here first – PAL Hire will not be affected by the ban. If you need water services, call our team on 0844 288 7265 and they’ll ensure the delivery reaches your site or event in as little time as possible.