How Much to Hire a Mini Digger? 2023 UK

17 May 2023

Mini diggers are a fantastic piece of equipment. A mini excavator allows you to have the power of a larger machine whilst having the accessibility that comes with the smaller size.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the cost of hiring mini excavators, and some of the need to know aspects of hiring one.

What jobs require hiring a mini digger?

It really depends on what you require, but any job that would typically need excavators but has limited space would benefit from a compact excavator.

Anything that needs digging work can use a compact machine. they are still high performance vehicles, with high engine power, and a range of attachments.

How much does it cost to hire a mini digger?

The cost of a mini digger can depend on a lot of factors, from the different models and designs to the different fuel types, it’s not easy to give one cost. However, here at PAL Hire, we have the largest network of hire depots at our disposal and as a result, we can find you an appropriate machine that meets your requirements.

Essentially, we can work with your criteria in mind. Give us a call now to discuss the right product for you on 0161 482 6200!

Additional costs to consider when hiring a mini digger

We know that doesn’t really answer your question, so we wanted to take a look at some of the factors your should be considering when thinking about hiring a mini excavator.

A mini excavator with hydraulic scoop sits on the dirt next to a pile of rocks at a new home construction lot, with trees in back of site.

The Size of Digger You Need

Mini excavators can vary in size, not all of them are the same. It might also be a better option for you to get a normal sized excavator. It all depends on the job you’re doing, the environment you’re working in, and more.

Do your research and work out which is best for the job.

If You Need a Digger Operator

Whilst it is not something we can provide, it might be something you have to consider. Having an experienced driver can save time, give you a better finished product, and ultimately make the job easier.

Hence, you need to assess if you need one as this will add to the overall cost.

Insurance and Fees

Note if you will need any plant insurance or if the hire process has any added fees. This can be another added cost to micro excavators or any plant hire machinery.


Do you need to put down a deposit? it can be a standard expense when dealing with plant hire machinery. Once it is checked for any damages after the hire process, you’ll get this back, but it is still a cost to consider for the hiring process.

Delivery and Collection Fees

A lot of machinery hire will also have a collection/delivery fee, while they are often small fees to mainly cover the cost of the time and fuel, they are something to be aware of. Here at PAL Hire, we always make you aware of the delivery cost if the item has one, but due to our network of hire depots, it is often a low cost as we can find a close delivery depot.