How to keep your business going during cold snaps

How to keep your business going during cold snaps

15 January 2018

Cold weather in the UK is something we never are prepared for. Although we are on a parallel with Moscow where the Moskva river still freezes over (we forget the Thames used to do that up to the early 1800’s) and whilst we have a more temperate climate driven by the North Atlantic Drift weather stream, if our weather turns for the worst we do suffer as a country. The UK is genuinely not prepared for extreme cold snaps during winter. When these do occur we need to ensure that our workplaces are comfortable for working in. This includes offices, warehouses, factories and workshops.

Turn the heating up

Health and Safety Rules (The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992) stipulate that employers must maintain a reasonable temperature where people are employed. There is a minimum temperature of 16°C (60.8°F) or 13°C (55.4°C) if your work involves considerable physical activity. Anything below these temperatures requires turning up the heat or finding a temporary heating solution for the warehouse, factory or office.

At PAL Hire we have many product options to provide temporary heating solutions. They are solutions specific and vary on the type of environment they are heating. If you are looking for temporary heating solution for the workplace these include:

  • Direct / Indirect Fuel Heaters for Workshops, Factories, Light Industrial Units, Mills and Warehouses
  • Electric Heaters For offices and reception environments
  • Infra-Red Heaters for large spaces which are exposed to the elements
  • Dryers for helping recover from cold wet and events
  • Commercial Gas LPG Heaters

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More information about Cold Stress In the work place available here (HSE Website Opens in new Window)