7 Tips on How to Manage WET WEATHER HAZARDS

How to Manage Wet Weather Hazards on Site 7 Tips

20 January 2021

Construction in the rain is never a great activity to look forward to. Here are 7 tips to manage Wet Weather Hazards on a construction site.

  1. Limit Workers from working alone. Make sure they have a means of communication. Either radio or phone.
  2. Spread aggregate on areas of high footfall on site. Reducing mud and provide boot scrapers at access points to buildings and welfare units.
  3. Make sure risk assessments for Plant Equipment users are up to date and communicated to operators before use. Be careful around and pay attention to waterlogged areas on site.
  4. Check that all electrical equipment that could be affected by water is removed from service until inspected, tested, and made safe.
  5. Seek correct assistance / recovery when attempting to recover bogged in equipment.
  6. Inspect the whole site for ground stability and make sure that foundations are secure. This extends to welfare cabins, storage containers and any site equipment.
  7. Identify areas that are a risk to operations, mark these with flags, bollards, barriers, fencing or other means. Brief your team accordingly.

Your health and safety processes on site are your first port of call when considering how you mitigate issues caused by rain. However, extended the duration. Construction projects must keep going. Adjusting working patterns and adhering to these simple 7 tips can mitigate hazard. But always refer to your local policy.

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7 Tips on How to Manage Wet Hazards (infographic)


7 Tips - How to Manage Wet Weather Hazards

Manage Wet Weather Hazards