Impact on the Environment

Impact on the Environment

27 June 2018

It’s widely accepted that the advancement of the human race over the last 200 years has had a negative impact on the Earth’s natural environment. PAL Hire understands the responsibility it has as an organisation to ensure it offers environmentally friendly solutions. The growing changes in the plant hire industry, and the higher number of contracts requiring those placing tenders to show a sense of corporate and social responsibility in regard to climate change, ensures PAL Hire is at the forefront of this industry and can provide plant hire and machinery to meet clients’ requirements.

Construction projects have a major impact on the environment, both on a local and global scale, with every project contributing to the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as waste products that pollute the air. Every stage of a construction project impacts the environment, including the project itself and the removal and disposal of waste. It is crucial that companies understand the impact they’re having on the environment, how this is measured, and how the construction industry as a collective can reduce the impact in the future.

Due to PAL Hire’s business model, it has excellent links with plant machinery suppliers throughout the UK, many of which are currently researching and developing environmentally friendly products using eco-friendly, “green”, materials. These products could potentially reduce the impact on the environment currently caused by traditional products, in addition to making it easier to recycle and re-use products in future projects. The ability to re-use products could provide massive cost saving benefits for construction firms and reduce the overall impact construction projects have on the environment.

PAL Hire’s Environmentally Friendly Solutions

  • Bomag BW 100 Roller – designed with a high power to weight ratio and has an extremely low fuel consumption.
  • Eco Tower Light – built to be environmentally friendly, with studies proving it reduces fuel consumption by up to 5 times compared to conventional lighting towers.
  • Eco Mobile Welfare Unit – combines eco-friendly features and comfort whilst reducing costs.

PAL Hire also offers a unique hire to clear service, which covers circa 90% of the UK, including London, the North East, and the South West. Included within this service, the client does not require skip permits and PAL Hire promises to remove any waste, diverting circa 95% of this waste away from landfill to ensure clients fulfil the environmental requirements of a project.

If your next tender or project requires environmentally friendly products, pick up the phone and contact PAL Hire’s experienced sales team on 0844 288 7265. The team prides itself on excellent customer service and will go above and beyond the call of duty to meet your requirements.