Insurance in Hire

Insurance in Hire

2 July 2018

Whether you are a large conglomerate or an SME, you will understand the costs involved in hiring plant machinery. It increases your Cost of Sales and reduces your Gross Profit, but the most vital aspect of having on-site machinery is making sure you have insurance in case of criminal activity. Nobody wants to make a loss on a construction project and not being insured against any eventuality does not make business sense.

Why is insurance needed?

The criminal world understands the value of plant machinery and equipment. PAL Hire understands the need for our clients to be told about the benefits of insurance, to purchase insurance when hiring equipment, and to safeguard organisations against any potential disruption to a construction project.

If you’d insure your house, your car, or your pet, it would be criminal not to insure hired plant.

Risks of not insuring your plant and having it stolen:

  • Stolen plant.
  • Delayed project.
  • Costs associated with replacing the machinery.
  • Increased insurance premiums for future projects.

It does not make business sense. Don’t risk it when PAL Hire is offering to take this stress away from you.

When is insurance needed?

The simple answer is all the time. You will always need insurance. Insurance not only protects you, but it also protects your staff. No matter how big or small your project, insurance has to be at the forefront of your thinking and here at PAL Hire, our customer service team make sure you’re aware of your options, provide the best solution tailored to your requirements, and gives you peace of mind by guaranteeing the plant will be kept safe.

The customer service team may be employed by PAL Hire, but the moment you call to discuss your options, they will become part of your back-office team, allowing you to focus on completing the project.

Many within the industry are unaware the HireGuard insurance package offered by the Hire Association of Europe, which can also be bought from PAL Hire, does not cover excavators or skips, which is why PAL Hire strongly advises our clientele to cover themselves against all possibilities by purchasing hired-in plant insurance.

What can PAL Hire provide you?

PAL Hire has various insurance policies in place for different machinery. Clients must have hired-in plant insurance if they hire an excavator or a skip from PAL Hire. Hired-in plant is plant hired from a third party, but at PAL Hire, we recommend you hire all products from ourselves as we offer you cost-effective, competitive rates, alongside exceptional customer service, making us the ideal one-stop solution for all your hiring needs. An added benefit of using PAL Hire for all your needs is the fact we offer a one-bill solution, eliminating several pieces of paper and making the invoice process easier for all involved. At PAL Hire, we solve problems, and we also make project life less complicated, reducing stress.

Our sales team have serviced several high-profile clients, with exceptional reviews throughout the plant hire industry, including on Auto Trader’s website, with whom PAL Hire has recently started a partnership designed to generate extra traffic and secure additional commercial leads.

We understand some clients may have their own insurance policies, but as a business, PAL Hire has to be certain the policy and cover limit will cover everything that is sent to the project site. PAL Hire’s team consistently go above and beyond for our clients, and we will call your insurance company on your behalf to validate the policy. If your policy does not cover the machinery you have requested, PAL Hire will offer you the option of taking HireGuard alongside your policy, or you can go back to your insurance company and request a dispensation to increase the limit.

Do not make the mistake of not insuring your plant. Allow PAL Hire to put your mind at ease. Speak to our team on 0844 288 7265 (0161 482 6200 Head office) to discuss your options.