Jay Scudder - National Account Manager | Meet the PAL Hire Team 2

Jay Scudder – National Account Manager | Meet the PAL Hire Team

29 October 2019

Jay Scudder – National Account Manager

We are running a series of Meet The Team Posts. Continuing with one of our National Account Managers – Jay Scudder. Giving you an insight into the people behind PAL Hire, the team who work with you day to day to provide the best possible hire experience.


Chickens have had it…KFC (other brands of fried chicken are available but probably not as good!) and whilst we are at it – there is no place for Pineapple on Pizza.


Jay is a proud father and when he is not looking after our account customers, Jay can be found having the best time with his two children. This will probably be at a local park or play centre. Jay is also partial to a good night out though!

Work Ethic:

When there is account work to be completed, Jay will often be the member of the team who will hang back and ensure it gets done. When asked what word would sum up his approach to work…Jay responded “committed”.

Favourite Colour:



Jay would like to repeatedly win the Euro Millions! (we’d like this too!)

Tell us Something Else:

As Jay explained earlier, he enjoys an occasional (once in a blue moon) night out. His favourite tipple is Captain Morgan Rum…