JCB Hydradig - PAL Hire's Star Product of the Month

JCB Hydradig – PAL Hire’s Star Product of the Month

27 April 2018

When something new comes onto the market, we don’t know what to think. It’s just a case of trailing and testing to see whether its all its cracked up to be.

But when the ‘something new’ is just a re-invented version of something you’ve used hundreds of times before, your decision is likely to be made. Or so we thought.

Described by JCB themselves as an “Engineering Masterpiece”, it is no wonder this truly innovative piece of machinery was chosen to be our star product of the week.

The Hydradig is a first for visibility, a first for stability, a first for manoeuvrability, a first for mobility and a first for serviceability. How you ask? Well hold on to your hard hats, I’m going to tell you.

The original idea was to solve the five problems that construction workers everywhere seemed to have in common, and they did just that. Although each of the problems have been solved in other ways, a combination of all five has never been done before in a single machine, especially under the 10-tonne sector. JCB closely analysed the needs and wants of their customers, finding the problem to creating the solution. With the chairman of JCB, Lord Bamford, stating that the Hydradig has “innovation running through the heart of it”, we at PAL Hire wanted to know what made the Hydradig so different to other excavators, already on the market.


Specifically designed for modern construction sites, he Hydradig is the first excavator to have the engine, tanks and ancillaries in the chassis, which not only means there is no longer a need for extra handrails, mirrors or a rear-view camera, but gives a smooth and sleek overall finish. This also has a lot of other benefits to the overall function for use and safety for users, but more on that later.

The comfort of the operator was moved to the forefront of design process of the Hydradig. With climate-controlled cooling starting the air conditioning automatically when inside the cab reaches a certain temperature, it creates ultimate comfort for the operator. Alongside this, the cab also has a 7″ Monitor with rotary control, mechanical suspension seat, 12v power socket, radio preparation, sunblind and a front window wiper.


The Hydradig has hugely increased visibility in comparison to other excavators. From the operating seat, all four wheels, plus a 1m perimeter at ground level around the machine can be seen. Not only does this make it safer for the driver, but others working all around the site. The counterweight has also been radically reduced on the Hydradig, not only giving it a tail swing of just 120 mm, but allowing the operator to view the stabilizers, dozers and trailer hitch, without having to slew the machine.
The Hydradig also have a low-level glass window screen and optional LED work lights, allowing safe and productive work both inside and outside, day and night. Each of these features increases both safety and productivity for the team, which, in turn, increases the quality of work and opening future opportunities.


As mentioned earlier, the engine and double skinned tanks have been moved to the all-steel chassis, creating a lower centre of gravity. Also, with 50/50 weight distribution between the axels, nod and pitch whilst roading has been significantly reduced, increasing the confidence and overall safety of the operator, and all other workers on the jobsite in daily jobs such as lifting and moving material, as well as stable drive on the road.


Not only does the Hydradig improve quality, you will also see a huge reduction in costs. A top speed of 40 kph and a step less transmission from a T4F 81kW EcoMAX engine lets you travel to and between sites quickly and comfortably, meaning you don’t have to spend extra transportation costs. Also, a JCB warranted trailer hitch with 3.5T towing capacity allows you to take all your attachments to sites.  Not only does it drive well on road, there are two other driving modes, one with a maximum speed of 20 kph for on site safety, and creep mode for even the most precise of jobs. Lastly, with auto-idle, you’ll save money with reduced revs saving on fuel costs.


Having three steering options, 4-wheel steer, 2-wheel steer and crab steer, make operation super easy, in addition to making jobs more precise in even the most confined spaces, more safely than ever before. The Hydradig also boasts a turning circle of under 4m, alongside reverse steer options letting you change the front of the machine to the back, both of which increase the safety when working on double and single carriageways. The reduced front swing and minimal tail swing allows you to work extremely close to walls and kingposts whilst still maintain safety for the operator and giving you the option to work parallel without compromising stability. As you can see, each of the elements above increase both versatility and productivity.


The benefits of the engine being in the chassis just keep on coming! There is no longer a need for anyone to climb up to do daily servicing such as checking the oil filter as it all has ground level access. As you can imagine, this hugely impacts the welfare of employees on your site. The 81kw JCB EcoMAX engine powering the Hydradig needs no after treatments meaning, once again, costs are reduced from a limited need for servicing. A 5-year contract with Live-Link enabled on purchase, you can track the fuel consumption and exact location of the machine, letting you monitor the utilisation of your investment.

It’s not just JCB who think the Hydradig is a revolutionary invention, in fact, everyone who has trialled, tested and reviewed it so far, agrees. Glowing reviews all round, it’s not surprising people are fighting to buy one. Choosing the Hydradig over any of it’s competitors will truly revolutionise they way you work, making your dreams of simple yet incredibly productive work at reduced costs a reality.

Here at PAL Hire, we want to make the hiring process easy and cost effective for all our customers, solving problems before you even notice they’re there. When we first saw this exceptional piece of machinery, we knew it would do exactly that. The Hydradig is available to hire from us nationwide, get in touch today to transform your jobsite.

Once you’ve used the Hydradig, no other excavator will ever be the same.