Keeping Kit Clean

Keeping Kit Clean

8 August 2018

It’s an accepted fact the performance of plant and machinery will deteriorate if they are not kept in pristine condition. If the performance deteriorates, the likelihood of mishaps and problems increase. PAL Hire provides an array of storage provisions designed to keep kit clean when not in use.

Our site storage containers range from 10ft to 40ft and are a popular solution for construction sites throughout the UK. Storage containers are safe, secure, and waterproof, providing protection no matter the weather, ensuring your plant will remain clean and safe.

The biggest advantage of our containers is they’re able to stay on-site for the duration of your project, so if you require any piece of equipment, it will be immediately accessible. We’ve previously covered what makes a good container and PAL Hire provides only the best to its clients.

Ensuring the equipment is kept clean goes beyond storage containers, which can be used to store plant and tools; we also service portable toilets as standard, as well as offering clients the option of additional welfare services. Portable toilets are susceptible to ungodly odours and PAL Hire provides clients the option of additional cleaning services, which has already been picked up by several clients. PAL Hire also offers effluent tank emptying services. Effluent tank emptying is advisable at regular intervals for hygiene, health and safety, and general cleanliness.

For an outdoor event it is vitally important portable toilets are kept clean and hygienic as to not discourage festival goers to leave the event due to lack of suitable resources. As an event organiser, you must be able to cater to every eventuality and being prepared ahead of time will save you hassle later; PAL Hire’s ethos is to take the hassle out of hire, we also take the hassle out of planning and cleaning.

Many of us who are new to the industry need to take examples from other industries when it comes to understanding the nuisances of the hire industry and how one must act when around kit. For example, if you hire a car with a full tank of fuel, you’re expected to return the car with a full tank. It is the same within the hire industry. If plant is not returned with a full tank, assuming it was hired with a full tank, additional charges may be added to the final invoice.

If you hire an excavator or a digger through PAL Hire, we will arrange delivery and collection, alongside fuel management services to ensure the normalities of the hire industry are met. On the odd occasion, the need for kit to be returned in an identical manner to that of which it was hired out will be written in an agreement.

All agreements will have a section for fair wear and tear; however, sometimes damage will go beyond the definition of fair and compensation will be required by suppliers. The norm within the industry is for suppliers to charge for the cost of replacing the piece on the machinery that is damaged.

Additional services that can be offered include cleaning equipment whilst they are on-site. Both electric and fuel-powered power washers can be hired from PAL Hire. Power washers are ideal for cleaning large surfaces, machinery, and vehicles, and can remove mud, dirt, and surface debris with ease.

To ensure your kit remains operational during your project to maximise performance, and is returned in pristine condition, speak to our experienced team on 0844 288 7265.