Keeping Workers Hydrated

Keeping Workers Hydrated

22 May 2019

It’s often said that a happy worker makes a productive worker, which we all agree with, but more importantly, a hydrated worker makes a productive worker. Keeping your workers hydrated is an absolute must regardless of the weather or time of year; workers who wear heavy, protective apparel on the job constantly feel the heat.

You can keep your workers hydrated by providing access to clean drinking water throughout your site, as well as temporary buildings with a range of amenities. Easy access to fluids ensures workers stay hydrated. Hydrated workers are more comfortable, cool and alert – making for a more productive and healthier workforce.

In recent popular culture, it’s been shown that during the Chernobyl disaster, miners had to go digging wearing only boots and a hard hat because fans would have exposed to them to a greater amount of radiation. We don’t recommend doing this in the UK, but there are a range of other options to explore in the first instance.

PAL Hire is the answer to all your problems. As a multiple products supplier, not only can we provide you with a myriad of drinking water facilities, including bottled drinking water and large water bowsers, we also offer running water in our welfare units.

Our welfare units, both static and mobile, can be delivered across the UK, with a wide range of options from which to choose.

We have also recently introduced large environmentally-friendly welfare units capable of holding between 8 and 14 workers. These welfare units are fitted with an extra-large solar panel to operate without the need for a generator. The eco welfare units are designed to save you money, in addition to significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Operatives at highest risk of dehydration are ones that are working directly under the sun, completing tasks throughout the day, and are wearing PPE. Hydration experts recommend drinking water every 15-20 minutes to stay sufficiently hydrated. This puts less strain on the body and can lead to fewer heat-related injuries.

A number of construction sites throughout the UK do not provide their workers with clean running water. They are steering themselves towards an unhappy and unproductive workforce which will, in turn, lead to walk-outs, delays, and projects coming to a stop.

It is a legal requirement to provide facilities that are necessary for the wellbeing of employees, including toilets, showers, drying rooms, and canteens. All of these products can be hired from PAL Hire. Would you risk getting a large fine and potential closure of a site for the sake of ensuring your workforce stays happy?

PAL Hire’s Tips to Stay Hydrated

  • Drink before, during, and after physical activity to replace body fluid lost to sweating.
  • By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Once you are dehydrated, it’s difficult to make up for that lost hydration.
  • Drink 5 to 7 ounces of fluids every 15 to 20 minutes to ensure proper hydration.
  • Keep individual containers of cool, clean water within easy reach at all times.
  • Place water close enough to workers so they can reach it without abandoning the work area.
  • It is best to drink cool water to stay hydrated in warm temperatures as the body absorbs cool fluids quicker than warm or cold fluids.
  • Try electrolyte drinks to help avoid heat cramps.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, or soft drinks.

Hire welfare units from PAL Hire today. Speak to our team. Do not run the risk of getting a fine. Do not run the risk of your workforce being unproductive because they’re dehydrated. Do not run the risk of losing money due to delayed projects. PAL Hire can help you wherever you’re based in the UK.