Kylie Meakin – Hire Support Adviser - Meet the Team Behind The Hire 3

Kylie Meakin – Hire Support Adviser – Meet the Team Behind The Hire

11 November 2019

Kylie Meakin – Hire Support Adviser

We are running a series of Meet The Team Posts. Continuing with one of our Hire Support Advisers – Kylie Meakin. Giving you an insight into the people behind PAL Hire, the team who work with you day to day to provide the best possible hire experience.


If you are reading this and you are a Chicken, you have had it. Another member of the PAL Hire team loves to munch on anything with you on it, or in it. We think Kylie loves a bit of deep fried southern Cajun style / Creole style expertly spiced chuck chuck (sorry Mr Chicken but you are too tasty). We are also aware that our straw poll to ascertain who the potential serial killers are in our team, revealed that Kylie believes there is a place for pineapple on pizza.

Most Influential Person:

Kylie found it difficult to come up with a person of specific influence. Which is in keeping with Kylie’s unbashful humanity. Kylie is the first to remark on positives of how another human is. Often you can hear her discuss in open office about how great our supply chain is, when she is collaborating with them to overcome a challenge. Kylie does not do negativity.


There is really only one man in Kylie’s world…and we are not talking Justin Bieber or any member of BTS. When Kylie is not championing the diverse causes of our customers and supply chain, she can be found spending time with her son Korey – we think hubby is next on the list.

Work Ethic:

Kylie is a long-term, highly experienced Support Operative at PAL Hire. She is at the coal face of operations with the rest of the Support Team and also the voice of calm and coolness when dealing with any situation. In her own words – Kylie is ‘committed‘ to solve problems and ensure our customers varied demands are met.

Favourite Colour:

Grey (Ed. Technically Grey is not a colour is it a shade – but we will go with it – don’t eat grey chicken)


Before we sent a link to Kylie for this questionnaire – we received an email from Kylie, with only the subject line completed. It read “To Read Peoples Minds”. Which fits with her job. Professionally, Kylie is experienced to foresee any potential issues that may scupper our customers objectives. As well as being savvy enough to offer a suitable solution.

Tell us Something Else:

We had an inkling that Kylie would be a dab hand in the culinary department. But she’s only gone and stated that she is a good cook. We took a shovel and dug deeper into this one – and discovered that Kylie likes to cook with flavour, spice and integrity. Putting her spin on classics and just good wholesome grub. Kylie’s latest best bites were some Moroccan Burgers. Which were flavoured with spice and of course not too spicy…damn that sounds good!