Landfill Tax increase and spring tasks to save your business money

Landfill Tax increase and spring tasks to save your business money

26 March 2018

The clocks have sprung forward and whilst today we appear to be enjoying the benefits of the spring equinox (the sun is blazing through the PAL Hire Office windows as I type).  Despite the usual threat of a last-minute blast of ice cold weather traversing a seemingly reversed Gulf Stream – the country is head long into a weekend where domestic skip and waste disposal increases as the first bank holiday hits us.

This is also a key moment in the life cycle of a business, where we can evaluate the success of our plans for the year. For many quarter one of the year is the final stage of the fiscal year. This month end is often the year end and management accounts reflect the success of the plans put into place a year ago.

Now let’s look at the new financial year and how we can gear our business up to hit our commercial objectives. But now is also the time for practical action to make processes efficient and relaunch indicatives.

What the bank holiday means to your business?

The first bank holiday heralds a final quarterly milestone for the working year? Now is also the time to reset the company and have a clear out – make sure that Q1 detritus is squared away and focus the company on the following quarter. Whilst this can mean physical waste removal, general overhaul of working environments it can also provide us with other opportunities:

  • Go back over the business objectives
    • Are we on track?
    • What can we do better?
    • What is working in the company
    • What do we need to clear out and make better?
  • A new financial year is a great time to review
    • Waste contracts
    • Environmental policies
    • Finding the waste process and focus on business efficiencies

Waste Cost Increase

The bank holiday weekend also brings about an increase to waste costs. Probably passed on by waste carriers and processors who have been hit with an increase in the Landfill tax which comes into force on the 1st. Landfill tax or levy is a form of tax to increase the cost of landfill. It is simply adding a commercial penalty on waste. Which is good for the environment.

At Pal Hire we focus on working with suppliers who comply with legislation and have the better interest of our planet at heart. One example of this is out skip bag services. Which divert 98% of waste generated through that set of services away from landfill. This is a perfect scenario for us and you. Your waste is disposed legally with auspices on recycling, materials reclamation and overall environmental protection.

Supplier efficiency

Spring is also a great opportunity to check out your supplier base and see if you really are getting value for money. Have you been using a waste carrier to sort your waste out for some time without a review of waste costs? Where is the harm in obtaining some comparative quotes on your waste disposal?

Whilst you may see that cost as a fixed cost on the balance sheet, there are always options to save money, time and sometimes effort. All of which can mean a happier balance sheet and strengthen your quarter, year-end results – investigate out our waste solutions to see how they stack up?

Get a comparative waste quote

Contact our dedicated hire team who are specialists in nationwide waste disposal. We work better if you can give us some open commercials on what you are looking to achieve, what you are paying now for your waste management and where you want to be. From that information we will be able to give you an idea of how we can improve that aspect of your business.


Call our team now on 0844 288 7265 – we have a waste solution for you.