Lighting and Site Safety 3

Lighting and Site Safety

16 July 2018

There is a distinct correlation between light and time. The greater the amount of light we receive, the more time we have. If we all went back to living in the jungle, away from the hustle and bustle of major cities, we’d wake up when the sun rose and go to sleep when the sun set. Due to the Earth’s rotational pattern, the emergence of cold weather would reduce the amount of time from which we’d be able to benefit. As a stroke of luck, we live on this planet at the same time as the most advanced technology ever witnessed throughout human history, and as we don’t live in the jungle, we’re able to artificially enhance the amount of light we receive, thus increasing our working hours.

PAL Hire can transform a construction site which would normally only operate through the hours of light, to a 24/7 operational site. Through the provision of cost-effective power and lighting solutions, we can create a site that improves productivity and reduces the time taken to complete a project, as well as keeping staff safe and secure.

During winter months, our lighting towers are the ideal solution to keep your site operational, and the addition of a generator would be perfect for sites requiring continuous high-power performance. We understand the importance of pre-planning; sites aren’t built in a day and require months of pre-planning.

If you require lighting towers for projects starting in winter 2018, give our team a call on 0844 288 7265 and they will provide you with a quote based on your requirements. One of our most popular products is the Safety Lighting Tower designed to illuminate an entire construction site, as well as using smart sensors to reposition the mast automatically when required.

One of the dangers of working through the night is staff safety. We’re humans. We get tired. We become clumsy. We make mistakes. Nobody is perfect; however, our ethos is to eliminate mistakes, ease your concerns, minimise any potential disruption to your project, and if you know your project will be operating through the night, you can begin planning site accommodation solutions, which can also be provided by PAL Hire.

At PAL Hire, we encourage the use of technology to enhance a construction site and reduce daily costs, which is why we provide remote management features capable of monitoring fuel levels, monitoring potential problems on site including potential fires and heavy rain, and keeping workers secure via CCTV cameras.

To protect your workforce, not only will PAL Hire deliver and collect our lighting solutions, but we also offer site services, including placement of lighting towers and safety inspections. If you require a specific type of site service, ask one of our advisors when you ring 0844 288 7265. The team are awaiting your call.

A construction site is one of the most dangerous places to work. Tragically, the HSE reported 144 workers lost their life because of an accident at work – a quarter of these were in the construction industry, more than any other industry. The stats also show 35 people fell from a height causing loss of life. PAL Hire provide a range of working at height safety solutions including Fall Arresters, which are attached between the harness and anchoring point. If you have staff working at height, contact PAL Hire immediately to discuss your safety options.

Safety is not something that should be left as a second thought when it comes to planning your construction site. It must be front and centre and equally as important, and in some cases more important, than the other equipment you require. PAL Hire’s team can discuss the different types of safety equipment you may require and lighting solutions, if you plan to work through the night. Call them now on 0844 288 7265.